January 1st, 2017: Limitless Actions

  • Mars conjunct Neptune in Pisces: 9 degrees

Neptune can weaken Mars' actions, or Mars can fuel an ultimate goal (spiritual, compassionate or artistic). This can be a do-nothing moment, or a moment when you do something that transcends your current reality. Neptune's mutable energy can dilute or expand - which will it be? 

When anger is dissolved, forgiveness and healing seep in. If focus is dissolved, undermining distractions take its place. Creative blocks can be loosened, but so can the intention to create.

The above reads as vague because this is the essence of Neptune - almost limitless paths for action. But not all of them are in your best interests. You may not have complete control over the results (Neptune can be as unpredictable as Uranus) but you do have control over your intentions. Are you aiming high or low? 

This aspect will build on results of the Mars/South Node conjunction.