Horoscopes for March 5th to March 12th, 2017


March 6th brings a moment of clarity, as the Pisces Sun conjoins Mercury. An illusion could be exposed, but so could a compassionate approach or transcendent idea. On March 10th, Mercury conjoins Pallas, then Chiron. Building on the Sun/Mercury illumination, this influence points to a wound, and healing strategies. 

Pallas and Chiron will conjoin on March 14th, but they are within orb now. A sore spot (Chiron) is perceived (Pallas) and Mercury puts it into words. Mercury plus Pallas blends intuition and communication. 

All of the above will feed into the the March 12th Full Moon in Virgo, ruled by Mercury. Here we see the clear results, and the flaws. Saturn in Sagittarius will make an exact square to Mercury on this day, so this Moon will have a pronounced sense of restriction. You’ll know exactly what you can do, what you can’t do, and what must be improved (Virgo). You’ll feel some pressure, with taskmaster Saturn and perfectionist Virgo. But this can be a call for excellence, as you’re confronted with realities and you respond with maturity and refinement. 

Mars enters Taurus on March 9th, grounding actions in real-world basics. If you want to move forward, you’ll have to start with the bottom line: what do you need to do so you can survive and build? Forget about complicated maneuvers. Turn your attention to what you want, and get to work. 

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Aspects to Mercury in your hidden sector shed light on alternative strategies for healing, release or learning. Messages will not be obvious, and what you learn may slide right by- you’ll have to turn down the external volume so you can hear what’s being said behind the scenes. 

This hidden intel will lead up to the Full Moon, in your sector of routine. Watch for a diagnosis involving work or health matters. What you need to know (so you can correct or heal) will be revealed. However, restrictions around these facts will also be revealed. You may be called on to prove your results, or account for issues that have been overlooked. Too, you could be confronted with practical limits, as you discover that alternative strategies don’t mean much unless they’re applied in real life. 

Mars into your sector of personal resources sees your determined efforts to get the essentials. Earned money, self-esteem and personal values can benefit from your slow, steady assertiveness. This is a manifestation influence - your actions will directly impact your security.


Aspects to Mercury in your social sector suggest conversations/contacts that open your eyes to a larger issue. You could learn about a friend’s pain, or a pattern in society that puts your vulnerabilities in perspective. Too, there could be an opportunity to teach, or address your public discomfort with creative strategies.  

What you learn or communicate will be part of the Full Moon’s results, in your sector of self-expression. This suggests going public with what you know, or launching a solution that impacts the group. However, there will also be some shade thrown on your ideas. Background restrictions will define the public response to your words - not everyone will agree with you, and you may have to struggle to get support. In some cases, you could go public with an embarrassing admission.  

Fortunately, Mars into your sign ups your ambition, energy and courage to move forward. When you set your mind to something, you see it through to the end. Mars can be the start of your determined effort to enhance your security or pursue what you want, no matter what the Full Moon delivers. 


Aspects to Mercury in your career sector illuminate a key weakness or trouble spot, along with creative solutions. The issue may involve your struggles with success, or a larger pattern within your company or industry. A conversation with management may be quite revealing. In some cases, these influences suggest an iconic announcement or launch that reaches a wide audience. 

The Full Moon in your domestic sector builds on the above, with a domestic and professional turning point. Developments on the job (or with your professional image) will clarify personal issues: what needs to be corrected (at home) will be illuminated. At the same time, you’ll be dealing with limits around what you discussed or announced. Open communication may be restricted by certain rules, or your decisions about future goals will be sharply defined by a partnership commitment. A key person may not be on board with your plans. 

Mars into your hidden sector suggests you may pull back and regroup. Whether you’re due for a rest, or decide to concentrate your efforts on background issues, this transit allows you to bank your energy for future goals. Take it slow, and look after yourself. 


Aspects to Mercury in your sector of opportunities can inspire creative strategies around travel, education, legal matters or publishing. You may glimpse a larger pattern that can benefit you, or become involved with a cause or legal issue. Reaching an audience is a theme, and the key will be your ability to put a vulnerability into words that inspires others. 

The Full Moon in your communication sector delivers results based on the above. A decision, answer or response to your words will be clear, but may not be exactly what you hoped for. There will be limits on how far you can push an issue. There may be significant pressure to understand new concepts, or prove your ideals/intentions. Too, the increased pressure can improve your focus and determination to learn/excel/make your point. 

Mars into your social sector adds energy to group activities, friendships and your connection to the public. Your efforts to make public changes, increase business, or simply connect with others, will work best if you exercise patience and perseverance. Again, you may have to prove your intentions. 


Aspects to Mercury in your sector of shared resources reveal problems and possible solutions around debts, taxes, loans or your partner’s finances. A strategy to deal with financial loss or insecurity may be in the works. Alternatively, doubts involving intimacy may be discussed with a partner, or via therapy. 

The Full Moon in your sector of personal resources can deliver concrete results, and a plan of action, regarding the above influences. The focus will be on precise facts and improvements, and you may have to deal with some unpleasant realities. A financial shortfall, or romantic disappointment, may be part of the picture. However, the end result can encourage you to set boundaries, manage your expectations, and tighten up your financial picture. 

Mars into your career sector fuels professional ambitions. Whether you’re looking for a job, attempting to climb the ladder at an existing job, or putting energy into your own business, Mars will gift you with lasting initiative. This is about more than an in-the-moment impulse - you’ll be serious about success. 


Aspects to Mercury in your partnership sector can illuminate opportunities for a calm, empathetic discussion about relationship disappointments. Anxieties can be addressed with cooperative strategies- you don’t have to struggle through this alone. If you’re single, you can still uncover some powerful insights into your love life through a one-on-one conversation.

The Full Moon in your sign signals a turning point in a key relationship. An existing partnership can be clarified, as you and your partner see exactly what difficulties need to be addressed. Disagreements over domestic issues, or responsibilities involving family, will be hi-lighted. The solution won’t make everyone happy, but you’ll see what can be improved, and what needs to end. If you’re single, the Full Moon can present a reality check about who you can trust, or fears/doubts that you project onto others. Either way, this is about a clear-eyed approach that overrides what-if fears with problem solving.

Mars into your sector of opportunities can signal progress in the areas of travel, education, legal matters or publishing. Progress will be slow, and you may have to fight for something you haven’t yet attained. But forward movement can happen with persistence, patience and your focus on what’s most important (don’t get distracted). 


Aspects to Mercury in your sector of routine hi-light crucial information about a work or health issue. A pattern involving work, diet or exercise habits could be the key to dealing with a trouble spot. Alternatively, you may reach an understanding about routines that have been undermining you. 

The Full Moon in your hidden sector builds on the above influences, with an illumination that reveals what you’ve been overlooking or avoiding. The last piece of the puzzle may clarify a secret or suspicion, and you’ll have to deal with a reality check. There may be increased pressure to deliver the goods, or deliver a solution. Too, you may be confronted with some news about an unavoidable obligation. Health issues are emphasized. 

Mars into your sector of shared resources can increase the passion between you and someone special. You may be pushed into areas that you’re not entirely comfortable with, but remember that you have the final say. This influence is gradual - you’re allowed to move at your own pace. Issues around debts, taxes, loans or your partner’s finances may also be energized. 


Aspects to Mercury in your sector of self-expression enable you to see imaginative patterns and solutions. Watch for a moment of inspiration, or a conversation that addresses doubts and insecurities about romance or public performance. Ideas that reach others will be based on your embrace of what hurts.

The Full Moon in your social sector suggests that you may go public, or reach a wide audience with your words. A public statement, creative launch or group activity may be involved, but there will also be some limits on what you can say, or how receptive everyone will be. There may be some judgment directed at you. Too, you could encounter hard facts about your dream, once it goes public. 

Mars into your partnership sector can introduce a hot new attraction, or add some heat to an existing relationship. You may experience competition and challenges from someone, as you’re pushed to respond. This energy is not volatile, but it is relentless. You may encounter someone just as stubborn as you are - how will you respond? 


Aspects to Mercury in your domestic sector point to family discussions about medical issues, old wounds or structural weaknesses in the home. There could be increased understanding and empathy about what a family member is going through. 

The Full Moon in your career sector shines a light on the above issues, from a professional context. Advice from someone in authority may be featured. Or, you may have to address a flaw in your professional image/approach to work. The square from Saturn in your sign suggests you will be intensely aware of responsibilities and limits that are impacting your home and career. It’s up to you to deal with personal issues that are distracting you. 

Mars into your sector of routine can help, with more energy to get things done. Your workload may increase, but so will your determination to make improvements and attend to obligations. Medical issues can be actively addressed. In all cases, patience and a measured pace is best. 


Aspects to Mercury in your communication sector suggest a healing conversation/awareness. You can address an ongoing weakness, insecurity or sore spot with a blend of intuition, empathy and strategy. Too, there may be valuable insights from education, research or seminars. 

The Full Moon in your sector of opportunities finishes things off with an announcement, moment of clarity or official confirmation. An agreement can be concluded, or you may discover a solution that impacts travel, education, legal matters or publishing. Not all the news/results will be to your liking - you’ll also be dealing with background limits on how far you can go with this solution. Limits around what you’re allowed to say, or how effective the solution is, will be frustrating. However, you’ll be pushed to say it/write it with maximum effectiveness. Pressure to study or write an exam may also be featured.

Mars into your sector of self-expression increases your need for fun, indulgence, romance or play. You may feel a strong urge to treat yourself, or go after what/who you want. Mars can also boost your confidence and help you manifest creative work, but results will be dependent on your patient efforts. 


Aspects to Mercury in your sector of personal resources clue you in to creative/unusual ways to make money. In the process, you can address issues around financial insecurity, or not getting paid what you’re worth. 

The Full Moon in your sector of shared resources hi-lights an area where you can’t quite make ends meet. Debts, taxes, loans or your partner’s finances may be key issues, and your dispassionate assessment of the facts will be necessary. But you can also apply the creative strategies that you recently learned. You may need to adjust future goals to meetfinancial realities. In some cases, this Moon could clarify where you need to set financial or emotional boundaries, especially if someone is asking you for more than you can give.

Mars into your domestic sector can energize your desire to clean house, or relocate. There may also be some structural repairs to attend to, or slow-burning conflicts with family members. 


Aspects to Mercury in your sign increase your insight, intuition and ability to recognize a weak spot or vulnerability. Too, there may be an opportunity to express healing words/thoughts (for yourself or someone else). Creative wisdom and logic can be applied to a work or personal issue. Know that you’ve got all the tools you need to tackle a problem.

The Full Moon in your partnership sector will be a reality check for a one-on-one relationship. Your personal or professional connection with a significant person may be clearly defined by what’s missing, or in need of improvement. At the same time, you’ll be pushed to take a hard look at exactly what works for you, and what isn’t working. There may be pressure for you to respond with proof or qualifications. 

Mars into your sector of communications can assist. It should feel easier to speak up and align actions with words. This can be a manifestation transit for you, as thoughts lead directly to concrete results.