Horoscopes for May 14th to May 21st, 2017


Mercury returns to Taurus on May 16th. Mercury first entered this sign on March 31st, but then stationed Rx and retreated to Aries. Facts and conversations were left incomplete, but now you can pick up the thread. Information is absolutely grounded in Taurus - watch for details about what’s most valuable, lucrative or safe. 

Saturn Rx in Sagittarius trines Uranus in Aries on May 19th, giving you the perfect blend of change and progress. New (Uranus) rules (Saturn) are the theme, with the added benefit of room to move within those rules. Saturn/Uranus can also manifest a desired change that you’ve been working towards. “Working” is the key word - Saturn is not about free passes. This aspect is part of a larger Grand Fire Trine (involving the Leo North Node) that’s in effect until June 13th. 

Also on May 19th, Venus in Aries opposes Jupiter Rx in Libra, presenting a big, beautiful culmination. What you want (Venus) will be increased, and taken as far as it can go by Jupiter. This could match or exceed your hopes. But due to the nature of the opposition, exaggeration and projection are also factors - there may be too much of a good thing. Or, perhaps what you get (and love) will be the exact opposite of what you want. Venus will be at the degree where it stationed Rx on March 4th, so this opposition can be seen as a conclusion to any Venus retrograde issues. 

Still talking about May 19th, we also see the Taurus Sun squaring the South Node in Aquarius/North Node in Leo. A square to the Nodes provides a choice, as you’re challenged to move forward (towards the North Node). In this case, the Taurus Sun rules the North Node, so you’ll be looking at new ways to take pride in your existing resources. How can you create more out of what you have? How can you be recognized for/take pride in your personal values? As the Sun enters Gemini on May 20th, choices, information and complexity will increase. You can use this to your advantage - if option A doesn’t work, try B or C. 


Mercury into your sector of personal resources gives you the facts about earned money and/or values. This down-to-business influence can present you with undeniable information about how much you’re worth. Information that was first presented around March 31st can now be confirmed. Salary discussions or conversations about bottom-line personal requirements are emphasized. Also good for telling others exactly what you want, with a minimum of fuss. 

Saturn Rx trine Uranus in your sign puts efforts to change/break free into perspective. Restless energy will have a constructive outlet, as you focus your will on the future while taking it step-by-step. Travel, relocation, education, legal matters or publishing can bring encouraging results. This is part of a larger influence that will extend to June 13th. Meanwhile, Venus in your sign opposing Jupiter Rx presents a culmination that enhances love, happiness or attraction. Too, you could end up giving/spending more than anticipated, depending on projected expectations. Events will be connected to March 4th (when Venus stationed Rx in your sign). 

The Sun in your sector of personal resources squares the Nodes, bringing you to a fork in the road regarding self-worth and getting paid for what you create, or what brings you joy. As the Sun moves into your communication sector, you should discover multiple options for the above - there will be more than one way to access sources that are financially and emotionally lucrative. Then again, you could end up procrastinating, if you’re not serious about expressing/creating something special . 


Mercury into your sign says it’s go time for something that’s been brewing since March 31st. Delays, second thoughts and loose ends are over - it’s time to go public, move ahead or fully state your intentions. 

Saturn/Uranus keeps you stable, as hidden/background issues develop smoothly. Debts, taxes, loans or your partner’s finances can see progress, while private issues with a partner can slowly be resolved. This is part of a larger influence that will extend to June 13th. Venus in your hidden sector opposing Jupiter Rx can bring big improvements in your daily routine, work or health situation. An issue that’s been simmering in the background since March 4th may finally reach a positive conclusion. But if you’ve been overdoing it, or ignoring the need for change, you could also be hit with an unexpected flare-up or expense. 

The Sun in your sign squares the Nodes, giving you an opportunity to do things differently. Home, family, career and future goals are at a turning point, and while it may be tempting to stick with old habits, a change will enable you to build something better with those closest to you. A new job/career path, relocation or addition to the family might be your trigger. As the Sun moves into your sector of personal resources, watch for new ideas related to sources of income, salary or evolving personal values. There’s more than one way to get what you want. 


Mercury into your hidden sector takes you back to where you left off on March 31st. But now, you can dive in, tune in or put all your faith in that gut feeling or hint. The unspoken will gain significance. 

Saturn/Uranus enables progress with all relationship goals. Romantic, business or platonic connections can break new ground without serious disruption. Heavy commitments can become more manageable, while new ideas will be accepted by others. This is part of a larger influence that will extend to June 13th. Venus in your social sector opposite Jupiter Rx suggests a happy, hopeful, brilliant conclusion to something that began around March 4th. Favourable public attention, a public launch, new romance or celebration is favoured. 

The Sun in your hidden sector squares the Nodes, urging you to consider a deeper truth. What lies behind the sales pitch will be important, and you’ll have a sense of what that might be. Trust your gut, even if you’re not comfortable with what you’re feeling. As the Sun moves into your sign, it may be time to go public or act on the above. In general, the Sun energizes existing issues, making them impossible to ignore. If you feel pressure to choose or speak up, consider that your prompt. 


Mercury into your social sector continues a conversation/issue that began around March 31st. Networking, a public launch, group activities or a meeting with a friend can move forward, as you’ll have a solid sense of what needs to be said, and where you stand. 

Saturn/Uranus helps you out with work and health matters. Ongoing changes to your career or ambitions will be anchored by attention to detail and hard work. And, your hard work/focus will result in smooth progress. You have some big ideas about where you want to go next, and the door is open. But there’s no shortcut. This also applies to any changes you’ve been making to diet, exercise or lifestyle -  no quick results, but you will see progress. This is part of a larger influence that will extend to June 13th. Venus in your career sector opposite Jupiter Rx can deliver rewards or a breakthrough connected to an opportunity from March 4th. A new job, career recognition or business launch is favoured. 

The Sun in your social sector squares the Nodes, pushing you to ask who has your best interests at heart. Friendships, group associations or public connections may bring you to a turning point, where you have to choose between old ways of relating versus new prompts about money and personal values. Are you getting paid enough? Are you valued? Are others aligned with you core must-haves? As the Sun enters your hidden sector, these questions will prompt a deeper look at who you choose to associate with, and where your ultimate source of support lies. In some cases, you may pull back from public life for a bit. 


Mercury into your career sector puts you back on track regarding news or conversations from March 31st. You can solidify a business plan, job search or discussion with management, while having a clearer vision of your next steps towards the future. 

Saturn/Uranus can help with artistic work, a new romance, children, or any issue involving creative self-expression. Limits on what you’re trying to achieve will be a bit easier to handle, as hope or new opportunities provide an outlet. The key is focusing on the future, even if you’ve encountered a “no.” This is part of a larger influence that will extend to June 13th. Venus in your opportunities sector opposite Jupiter Rx can bring an exciting announcement or good news. Results from March 4th may finally appear, giving you something to look forward to in the areas of travel, long-distance romance, education, legal matters or publishing. The risk you took may prove to be worth it. 

The Sun in your career sector squares the Nodes (including the North Node in your sign). It’s time to take a close look at your path to success. Are you fulfilled, or just going through the motions? This influence encourages you to be fully present in your career/business, and that may include adjusting (or ending) certain partnerships. As the Sun enters your social sector, watch for contacts, associates or random encounters to spark new ideas and directions. If you’ve been feeling stuck or unmotivated, this transit can provide fresh input. 


Mercury into your sector of opportunities suggests the door is still open. Information from March 31st involving travel, education, legal matters or publishing can be revisited and extended. Now you’ll have the full story, or feel more confident in taking that step into the unknown. 

Saturn/Uranus helps you construct a new domestic reality. Responsibilities involving family, a home business, home repairs or relocation may feel less oppressive, as you access background reservoirs of resilience - upcoming changes may not be so scary, after all. Domestic finances can see slow and steady improvement as well. This is part of a larger influence that will extend to June 13th. Venus in your sector of shared resources opposes Jupiter Rx, bringing results connected to shared finances or intimacy. There could be a breakthrough on a deeper level with someone special, or a financial windfall. However, if your spending has been out of control, you may also be hit with increased debt. Look to March 4th for a clue about which way things might go. 

The Sun in your sector of opportunities squares the Nodes, urging you to take that step into the unknown. Old habits/routines will beckon, but there’s a higher calling ahead of you. Yes, there’s some risk. But as the Sun enters your career sector, you should feel more in control of future possibilities, as multiple paths/conversations about the future make themselves known. All you have to do is step forward and watch what happens. 


Mercury into your sector of shared resources signals a return to something deeper. Conversations/understandings (from March 31st) involving debts, taxes, loans, your partner’s finances or physical/emotional intimacy will be revisited. This time, you can continue the discussion or uncover more information. Financial documents may be completed. 

Saturn/Uranus can solidify relationship changes, or enable reassuring progress for commitments, promises or official documents.  Business or personal partnerships will benefit from this mix of change and stability - you should feel in control, no matter where the relationship is headed. Don’t hesitate to communicate your boundaries and must-haves: they’ll be understood. This is part of a larger influence that will extend to June 13th. Venus in your partnership sector opposite Jupiter Rx in your sign suggests optimistic relationship results. What began around March 4th can conclude with a burst of excitement and possibility. However, pay attention to any discrepancies between your hopes versus what the other person wants. 

The Sun in your sector of shared resources squares the Nodes, putting the emphasis on trust, boundaries and mutual support. Who you allow close to you, and who share with, will be themes. Choose wisely. If you’ve make mistakes in the past, choose differently. The Sun’s move into your opportunities sector can expand your vision of what and who comes next. Whatever your choice, there will be an acceleration as you’re encouraged to move beyond habitual situations and behaviour. Travel, education and exploration are emphasized. 


Mercury into your partnership sector continues a conversation or introduction that began around March 31st. As you reconnect with someone, or revisit a specific subject, you can move forward, slowly but steadily. The emphasis will be on real discussions, rather than big romance or inflated promises. 

Saturn/Uranus stabilizes work and financial matters. This is not a windfall aspect, but it can make existing financial limits easier to work with, as long as you make some changes to work habits, work location or responsibilities. A new job can unfold nicely. This is part of a larger influence that will extend to June 13th. Venus in your sector of routine, opposite Jupiter Rx, suggests a surprising but positive breakthrough involving health or work tasks. March 4th offered the first hint, and now you can see a payoff for your efforts, or a last-minute loophole/solution. 

The Sun in your partnership sector squares the Nodes, bringing you to a decision point about who’s going to be part of your future. Joint future goals, or where the relationship is moving in general, can raise some tricky questions about priorities. As the Sun enters your sector of shared resources, don’t hesitate to look more deeply at finances and/or intimacy. What you share will be an important consideration in where you’re going together (or separately). 


Mercury’s return to your sector of routine gets you back on track with health and work matters. Information/solutions that came to light around March 31st can now be fully implemented. Also helpful if you’ve been having difficulties prioritizing work tasks or identifying a health/diet issue. 

Saturn Rx in your sign, trine Uranus in your sector of self-expression, makes it clear how you can bring your A game to an artistic project, performance or new romance. Calm confidence is the key here - you know you’ve got what it takes, and you can make it happen with a measured, disciplined approach. Also good for plans involving children or celebrations. This is part of a larger influence that will extend to June 13th. Venus in your sector of self-expression opposite Jupiter Rx adds more fuel to your fire, with a happy conclusion to something that began around March 4th. This could be your chance to get noticed, blow off steam or launch something big (and successful). Just watch for the tendency to overdo it. Too, you could find that a positive, public result still doesn’t quite give you what you want - consider your projections versus reality. 

The Sun in your sector of routine squares the Nodes, urging you to consider how daily habits, diet and/or exercise impact the bigger picture. There is an opportunity to explore or move ahead, but work/personal habits might be a stumbling block. Is it time to upgrade your approach to daily life? As the Sun enters your partnership sector, you’ll be focusing more on give and take. How you balance your energy with another, or what you do for someone, may be issues. 


Mercury’s return to your sector of self-expression can reboot a conversation or plan that began around March 31st. Issues involving a new attraction, children/pregnancy or creative work may be back on the table. This time, you’re ready to move ahead with the subject and explore the indisputable facts. 

Saturn/Uranus anchors domestic changes. Family/domestic relationships, a home business, home renovations or relocation can benefit from your growing sense of what needs to happen. The plans or rules may not be obvious to anyone else, but you know what you have to do. Behind the scenes developments will play an important role. This is part of a larger influence that will extend to June 13th. Venus in your domestic sector, opposite Jupiter Rx, can signal an optimistic conclusion to something from March 4th. A new job, recognition from work, attention for your home business or a lucrative opportunity for your partner may be results. Too, your desire to advance (at work and in your personal life) can net promising results. 

The Sun in your sector of self-expression squares the Nodes, and you may encounter a situation where you’re pushed to look more deeply at what makes you happy. A new romance may reach a critical turning point, or you may be asked to trust someone in order to receive full benefits. How much are you willing to invest? As the Sun enters your sector of routine, you’ll be looking at the practical applications - what you need to do to make it happen. Work load can increase, and multi-tasking may will be expected.


Mercury into your domestic sector continues a family discussion or issues with domesticdocuments that began on March 31st. This could be back-to-basics time, as you refocus your energy on nesting, family issues or you immediate security concerns. Now you can make progress in these areas and nail down some reliable info. 

Saturn/Uranus can confirm a new commitment/idea, regarding a friendship, group activity or your public image. Others should be receptive to your fresh/edgy ideas, as long as you present them with authority (and demonstrate the practical applications). Excellent for integrating new information/education/ideals into your life. This is part of a larger influence that will extend to June 13th. Venus in your communication sector opposes Jupiter Rx, suggesting good news or an exciting/flirtatious contact. This is a chance to see your initial hope (starting from March 4th) reach a buoyant conclusion. Also good for positive results involving education, long-distance romance, legal matters or travel. While there is a risk that you’ll get caught up in inflated expectations (or big, sparkly promises) know that a door is opening here. 

The Sun in your domestic sector squares the Nodes (including the South Node in your sign). Changes to home and/or family hinge on you stepping away from an ingrained habit or identification with who you used to be. You’re not the same person, and your path forward involves viewing yourself differently in the context of “partner” (whether or not you’re involved with anyone). Change starts at home, going back to your identity within your family. As the Sun enters your sector of self-expression, you can gain some momentum in your journey forward as you lighten up and step out/celebrate/create something special. Excellent for new attractions, creative work or taking pride in who you are. 


Mercury’s entrance into your communication sector can signal a return to a conversation/introduction/email/phone call/document from March 31st. At the time, the facts may not have been established. But now you know the basics and have a firm understanding. You can build on what you know, advance the discussion or sign the document. 

Saturn/Uranus assist you with career progress or job changes. Extra responsibilities can reveal some room to breath, while helping you focus on the most financially lucrative path. Too, a new career path/source of income can unfold gradually but smoothly. This is part of a larger influence that will extend to June 13th. Venus in your sector of personal resources, opposite Jupiter Rx, suggests a financial bonus, payout or win. There’s certainly potential to get more. Or at least, increase your confidence and sense of what’s right for you. However, use some caution with expenses - there may be a temptation to spend more than you have, or overindulge. Results will be based on something that began around March 4th. 

The Sun in your communication sector squares the Nodes, giving you a choice to confirm/focus on the practical details, or avoid what you know is true. A hidden fact may need to see the light of day. The Sun’s move into your domestic sector switches your focus to home, family, home business or relocation, and the multiple choices/layers that lie within these issues.