Horoscopes for March 25th, 2018 to April 1st, 2018


Venus conjoins Uranus in Aries on March 28th for an event that will be sizzling, risky, jarring, or all three. This aspect is about the liberation of relationship, money and self-esteem issues. There will be a rapid acceleration that detaches you from what was, while encouraging the independent expression of what you want. This could be the hot new attraction, impulse buy or sudden revelation about what really makes you happy.  

This is the red-hot cherry on top of an intense sundae: last weeks' aspects from Pluto and Jupiter to Venus amplified desires, expectations and obsessions. Now we have the resulting shock. And this shock will resonate into the Venus-ruled Libra Full Moon (March 31st) which squares Mars/Saturn in Capricorn and opposes Mercury Rx in Aries. Consequences could be hard to take, as Mars/Saturn enforces a temporary stop. Mercury Rx says it’s all up for review anyway, so it’s not time to move forward (just yet). The Sun/Mercury Rx conjunction on April 1st (the midpoint of this retrograde) can illuminate an answer.

This Moon’s trine to the Uranus-ruled Aquarius South Node encourages you to use this pause as a way to wrap up a past issue. What did Venus/Uranus reveal about what you want or love? Even an ending can be a valuable reveal. 

Venus’ Taurus ingress takes place on the same day as this Moon, so you can ground yourself in the present by developing the results into something that supports your happiness and self-sufficiency. No matter what challenging results were delivered, Venus in slow-moving, earthy Taurus can help you make the most of what you have in front of you, while reminding you that good things take time and patience. Maybe Mars/Saturn is slowing you down for a reason.  


Last week’s intense Jupiter/Pluto aspects (to Venus in your sign) concludes with an abrupt conjunction to Uranus. What’s been building (regarding personal image, money, a job, relationship or values) can suddenly snap, as you decide that freedom is most important. This can be a last hurrah, or a burning of bridges. In some cases, a new attraction can explode. This could be about success, love or recognition on your terms.  

But after the above fast-moving energy, things come to a halt during the Full Moon in your partnership sector. A relationship ending, turing point or result will accelerate then abruptly stop, as this Venus-ruled Moon squares Mars/Saturn. Your initial burst of rebellion/enthusiasm will be challenged by the rules or someone with control. You could feel trapped and pressured. 

Mercury Rx in your sign says that you’re in the process of reviewing or analyzing, so you you already knew that it wasn’t time for a forward charge. There may be a key conversation or detail (from the past) that you need to look at in order to rebalance things between you and another, and the answer may be revealed during the Full Moon, or on April 1st. 

The Moon’s trine to the Uranus-ruled South Node in your social sector also pulls in issues around a friendship, group or your social image. Maybe your unexpected meeting with a friend from the past makes you question a current relationship. Or, an abrupt development with your social image forces you to take a closer look at your professional image and how you relate to others. This Moon’s themes of projection, reflection and comparison can raise your awareness of what others see when they interact with you. 

Venus’ move into your sector of personal resources encourages you to place that crazy/rebellious declaration about love/values/money/self-esteem in the context of your immediate security. Now you’re looking at how you can balance your freedom with the existing rules. There are some restrictions you can’t get around -what does this mean for your financial and emotional survival? 


Last week’s intense Jupiter/Pluto aspects (to Venus in your hidden sector) will peak with a hidden burst of fire, as Venus conjoins Uranus. A secret attraction, private desire or unacknowledged want can heat up. If you’ve been ignoring prompts for change, this influence will remind you that everything cannot stay the same. This is about what you really want, and that may have changed from what it used to be. Uranus will be entering your sign as of this May, which will be huge for you - your life will be forcibly upgraded. The Venus/Uranus conjunction could be a hint about what’s coming up. 

The Venus-ruled Full Moon in your sector of health and routine takes that hidden issue and urges you to look at it. It’s time to get practical - how does this issue impact your daily life? What might happen if you exposed what’s undeveloped to the light of day? The Moon’s trine to the Uranus-ruled South Node in your career sector suggests this is a work issue - old habits related to success, professional image or future goals may need to be updated. Professional results or endings will be key. 

The square to Mars/Saturn will ensure that you factor in long-range goals/initiatives involving travel, education, legal matters or publishing. You won’t be able to move forward with those goals until you balance fantasy with reality, or what’s hidden with what’s part of your daily routine. Too, a barrier or consequence can push you to look at what you’ve been denying. 

Mercury Rx in your hidden sector says that you’ve already been in the process of re-examining what you haven’t openly discussed. The events of this Moon (from March 31st to April 1st) will help you gain clarity- watch for flashes of intuition, a dream or repeat message from an odd source that helps it all fall into place. 

Venus’ move into your sign (on the same day as this Moon) takes the background issue and makes it public. You’re owning it, and there’s no better way to do this than with Venus at her most powerful (since she rules your sign). This Moon’s prompts to take a practical approach to the immediate realities of your situation will enable you to grow your security and self-esteem. Will those hidden issues come out in glorious burst of success? Maybe, maybe not. But with Venus in your corner, you can attract what you want, if you ground yourself in what never fails - your solid sense of who you are. Sure, that’s about to change, courtesy of Uranus. But there’s still a core sense of where you stand, even if some of the landscape is going to be altered. 


Last week’s intense Jupiter/Pluto aspects to Venus in your social sector has led up to the Venus/Uranus conjunction, which can deliver a surprising/disruptive introduction, public result or attraction. You may decide to show your true colours (no matter what others think) or find that your social expectations are abruptly upended. Some people may disapprove. This influence can also clue you into a social opportunity that’s odd/risky but impossible to ignore. 

The Venus-ruled Full Moon in your sector of self-expression will deliver results connected to the above, and the results will be public and frustrating. This could involve a performance, launch or public event. Or, it could be about you agitating to be yourself on the public stage. Consider what you project versus what others see. The Moon’s trine to the Uranus-ruled South Node in your sector of opportunities suggests this also involves the development of travel, education, legal matters or publishing. It could be time to conclude something in these areas, or break it down into plans/ideas that are immediately doable. 

The square to Mars/Saturn will be the frustrating part, as private limits involving intimacy or shared finances remind you that there’s more at stake and work to be done. Blocks or responsibilities involving a partner, debts or psychological issues will ensure that you slow down and reconsider what’s happening on a social level. There are two layers here - what everyone can see and what only you (and possibly another) are privy to. Mercury Rx indicates that you’re already in the process of questioning or analyzing , and March 31st to April 1st can deliver clarity regarding a friendship, group discussion or what you’ve been trying to launch publicly. 

Venus’ move into your hidden sector (on the same day as this Moon) suggests your immediate response to all of the above may be to pull back. What was public will now go private, or will push you to reconsider what you really want (in private). This could also be about a healing retreat that allows you to re-stabilize while taking stock of your secret  resources. 


Last week’s intense Jupiter/Pluto aspects to Venus in your career sector deliver results in the form of the Venus/Uranus conjunction. A professional relationship, job opportunity or something involving your professional image can hit you with a surge of inspiration or shock. This could be about you as a trailblazer/rule-breaker in your field, or having your professional expectations rattled. Too, you may suddenly realize that it’s time to update your professional values or approach to others you work with.

The Venus-ruled Full Moon in your domestic sector brings the results home, as your family or private life are impacted. What happened out there will surely resonate inside, and the Moon’s trine to the Uranus-ruled South Node (in your sector of shared resources) says this is also about rebalancing what you share, or how you trust, with your own survival and financial resources. An unexpected change in your professional status, or the status of your partner, could be involved. 

The square to Mars/Saturn indicates that partnership restrictions/goals, or your partner’s insistence on doing things their way, will cause frustration. Challenging actions  could slow you down, as you balance what you want with what your partner is striving for. Mercury Rx indicates  this will be part of an existing process of re-evaluation of your career/future goals/professional image, and March 31st-April 1st could provide the information you need to plan your next step. Too, Mercury Rx suggests that a conversation with management is up for review. This could be about professional conduct, and the results. Another’s challenging rules will cause you to take a second look at what you’re communicating. 

Venus’ move into your social sector indicates that your next step may involve taking stock of your social resources. How does the Venus/Uranus surprise impact your relationship to the group/public? How do your new professional values translate to your social connections? You can attract favourable energy from others, despite whatever restrictions this Moon illuminated, by recognizing who (amongst friends or public connections) adds value to your life, and who is compromising your self-esteem. 


Last week’s intense Jupiter/Pluto aspects to Venus in your sector of opportunities culminate with the Venus/Uranus conjunction. Long-distance romance, education, travel, legal matters or publishing might be areas where you take a leap into the unknown or are shocked by a development. What’s new can be intriguing and/or unnerving. This could be about you taking that big risk in order to get something you want. Or, something you want can develop in unforeseen ways. 

The Venus-ruled Full Moon in your communication sector will delver results around the above, via an answer, conversation, decision or understanding. The Mars/Saturn square suggests you’ll be struggling with frustrating work or health rules - what you need to deliver, correct or work on can feel like an insurmountable task. Consider how your responses/ideas can be balanced with the actions you have to take (or the actions that are limited). Mercury Rx indicates  this will also involve a closer look at what you believe, learned, are teaching or writing, and there could be an “a ha” moment from March 31st to April 1st. Work and responsibilities in your immediate reality will factor into your review of big-picture goals. 

Fortunately, the Moon’s trine to the South Node (and the Sun’s trine to the North Node in your sign) indicates this is part of a process that should be progressing naturally - a relationship issue can advance to a place where you feel empowered, if you carefully consider certain nonnegotiable duties. A key theme may be unbalanced service. What needs to be corrected? 

Venus’ move into your career sector bodes well for you, as you immediately look at nurturing a strategic partnership, your professional image or a job opportunity. Mercury Rx may have put certain issues on pause, but you’re still working on those future goals. Venus can help you attract lucrative opportunities based on your patience and solid sense of your professional gifts. 


Last week’s intense Jupiter/Pluto aspects to Venus in your sector of shared resources leads to the Venus/Uranus conjunction -an abrupt development involving debts, taxes, loans, your partner’s finances or intimacy. What happens will be clarifying, but can also make you feel out of control. There could be a surprising ending, or gift/reveal that opens you up on a deeper level. Too, you may be tempted to make an impulsive investment or large purchase. 

The Venus-ruled Full Moon in your sector of personal resources triggers results involving your earned money, self-esteem and security. You may need to rebalance what you have with what you owe, or what you want with what someone else has. Your resources versus their resources will be key, and the square to Mars/Saturn suggests a crucial area of desire/accomplishment will be the point of frustration - what you want to create, or the appreciation you’d like, will be limited. You may have to put in more effort, or accept that this particular goal may be undermining your security. How much is it worth to you? Mercury Rx suggests a key financial or intimate discussion will be featured, with some hard questions being asked. Too, you may have to take an unblinking look at your own fears, compulsions or addictions. Not getting everything you want will give you time to seriously consider the deeper issues. March 31st to April 1st can deliver an uncomfortable but profoundly honest answer. 

The Moon’s trine to the South Node in your sector of routine indicates that this is also about your daily habits, health or work - you may be confronting some limits about what you can do and what you have to do. Consider your current reality, and if it’s time to liberate yourself from unproductive routines. An ultimate goal and area of pride/power lies ahead, but you have to confront certain facts about your daily habits.

Venus’ move into your sector of opportunities sees you looking towards the future, despite Mercury Rx’s pause. There’s more out there, and with your slow, steady exploration, you can attract something of value. Despite the frustrations, this is part of the process of moving into newer, richer territory. Venus can attract favourable opportunities in travel, education, legal matters, publishing or long-distance romance. 


Last week’s intense Jupiter/Pluto aspects to Venus in your relationship sector have led you to the abrupt Venus/Uranus conjunction. A relationship can suddenly begin, or turn a sharp corner. A new relationship may have rapidly progressed through all the stages, and the finale hits you when you east expect it. 

The Venus-ruled Full Moon in your sign ensures that emotions will be at a peak as you attempt to process what’s happening. Projection will be a powerful theme - consider if surprising developments with someone else are a symptom of unavoidable change in your life. The square to Mars/Saturn suggests domestic/family responsibilities or arguments will provide pressure, as you attempt to balance those commitments with what’s happening in your love life. This is a time of patience and inner strength, as you struggle to arrive at a compromise, or move forward with your life.

Mercury Rx indicates that a previous relationship issue (or a past relationship) will be part of the equation. Some time apart may be called for, as you and your partner take a breather. If your partner has changed their mind about something, it can be difficult to wait, but know that you can’t force the issue. Even if things come to a standstill, know that Mercury Rx (from March 31st to April 1st) can deliver a clarifying message or decision.   

The Moon’s trine to the Uranus-ruled South Node in your sector of self-expression indicates that this will involve the development or completion of a new attraction, issues with children, or your desire for greater appreciation and recognition. These things can be yours, if you pay attention to the message Mercury Rx is delivering. And, if you use this pressured pause to consider what needs to be rebalanced, regarding relationship expectations. This could be about you speaking up, rather than waiting for the other person to say what you’re feeling. 

Venus’ move into your sector of shared resources gets you looking at deeper issues involving finances or intimacy. Whatever’s happening on the surface of your relationship, know that you can immediately turn your attention to enhancing security and inner resources, regarding what you share or owe. It may be time to turn inwards and consider what really belongs to you. 


Last week’s intense Jupiter/Pluto aspects (including Jupiter in your sign) to Venus in your sector of routine culminates with the Venus/Uranus conjunction. Watch for abrupt developments involving work, daily routines or health, as you experience a breakthrough or shock regarding something you wanted. Assistance can suddenly appear, or be yanked away. Too, your willingness to help someone may do a 180, as you make an impulsive yes or no decision. 

The Venus-ruled Full Moon in your hidden sector ties this in to the reveal of something secret or unacknowledged. What you’ve been ignoring, or what’s been in your blindspot, can now be made clear, and the square to Mars/Saturn indicates that you’ll have to stop and consider the implications. Instructions or discussions involving a diagnosis, work task or obligation can add pressure, as you’re pushed to deliver or correct. Mercury Rx says that this is not the final answer, but this is a point of clarification or reveal of an error - developments can extend to April 1st. Now that you know what you know, you can start planning. 

The Moon’s trine to the Uranus-ruled South Node in your domestic sector indicates that issues with family or your past will be part of this. You’re attempting to grow your career, future goals or status, and this Moon’s developments will help you do just that if you work with what it’s revealed. 

Venus’ move into your partnership sector suggests developments can assist you in nurturing a more balanced, secure partnership, even if things seem edgy at the moment. Consider what values you and your partner share, and where there needs to be adjustments. If you’re single, this can be about making some much-needed improvements in your daily life, and then seeing what this manifests for you. Others can be attracted to your assurance that you know exactly what you want, and what’s best for you. Consider if you’re waiting for someone else to provide abundance and stability, or if these are things you can develop on your own. 


Last week’s intense Jupiter/Pluto aspects to Venus in your sector of self-expression culminate with the attention- grabbing Venus/Uranus conjunction. You may take a risk regarding love or a creative project - there’s a powerful urge to flaunt your talents or gifts. This energy encourages impulsive flirtations or lightening-bolt attractions. Too, there could be unpredictable events involving children, a new (uncommitted) romance or celebrations. If you’re partying or cutting loose, use caution. 

The Venus-ruled Full Moon in your social sector is about you in the spotlight, and this will be based on events from the Venus/Uranus conjunction. That attention you wanted will be coming at you, as events with friends, groups or the public come to a head. The square to Mars/Saturn will add insecurities or tough consequences, so all the attention may not be welcome. You could be confronted with a financial or emotional shortfall, as you discover there’s not enough. Judgements from others can feel unfair - not everyone may approve of how you express yourself or what you’re creating. 

Mercury Rx is already taking you through a process of revision regarding attraction, creativity or open self-expression. The drive to be you in all your glory will not be a quick journey - you may have to reconsider the public message you’re putting out. Does what’s reflected out there accurately represent who you really are? Too, an initial flirtation/attraction may require more questions or time. March 31st-April 1st can deliver some clarity. 

The Moon’s trine to the South Node in your communication sector can help, because this is a chance to advance an idea or plan- consider how much further you can take what you’re thinking, once you sort out the details and rebalance your personal goals with your public contacts. 

Venus’ move into your sector of routine insists that it’s time to get serious about the above. Even though Mercury is still Rx, you can focus on your immediate health and/or work routines - what do you have going for you in those areas (that can be nurtured) and what do you need to improve? Venus can ground you in solid approaches to self-care, while drawing your attention to any imbalances around what you do for others and what they do for you. 


Last week’s intense Jupiter/Pluto aspects (including Pluto in your sign) to Venus in your domestic sector will result in the disruptive yet liberating Venus/Uranus conjunction. A desired objective regarding family, relocation, a domestic partnership or home renovation can hit you with an unexpected benefit or minus. Either way, this is likely to be quite different from what you’ve been planning, and will signal a break from the past. 

The Venus-ruled Full Moon in your career sector adds results regarding future goals and/or career. The balance between home and professional life may be tricky, and the square from Mars/Saturn in your sign sees you hammering away at events as you attempt to keep everything under control. However, even you can’t make it all fall into place, although your extra effort will be demanded. Rather than trying to control everything, take stock of what’s worked so far, what needs more work, and what needs to be discarded. Take new developments in stride - a Plan B will be helpful. Mercury Rx suggests you’ll be revisiting a family discussion, reconsidering domestic details or digging into family history to get at the truth. March 31st-April 1st can reveal something substantial, which will help you adjust your future path. 

The Moon’s trine to the Uranus-ruled South Node in your sector of personal resources suggests the above events are part of the lessons about learning to trust, share or pool your resources. At the moment, you can gain power by aligning yourself with someone and building trust, or looking beneath the surface of this situation. Rather than undermining your security, this will add to it, even as you confront what you’d rather ignore. You may have discovered (to your shock) that your personal security/happiness is going to unfold very differently than originally planned. Home finances may be an issue.

As Venus moves into your sector of self-expression, you’ll be focusing on you, or something you’re trying to create. Now that Venus/Uranus has opened your eyes to new developments in love, money or personal values, you can concentrate on solidifying what will make you happiest, even as you deal with the frustrations of the Full Moon. You may not have even realized you wanted this, until now. 


Last week’s intense Jupiter/Pluto aspects to Venus in your communication sector have led to the Venus/Uranus conjunction. Watch for an answer, realization or piece of information that shocks you with its burst of clarity/excitement. This could be an unexpected piece of good news, or a flirtatious comment that takes you aback. Too, you may blurt something out because you can’t hold it in any longer. It may be time to rip the bandage off, or declare your true desires. 

The Venus-ruled Full Moon in your opportunities sector takes the above developments and projects them onto a wider screen. Results involving travel, education, legal matters, publishing or beliefs will be involved, and the square to Mars/Saturn suggests hidden or unacknowledged limits/responsibilities will slow you down. What’s revealed on the surface will be impacted by behind-the-scenes frustrations. What you can’t do, or what you have to do, will not be obvious to everyone, but these issues will see you reconsidering what you know, or what you have to deliver. Mercury Rx indicates a repeat conversation, corrections to what was said, or second thoughts about what’s being publicly announced. Use this pause (as frustrating as it is) to reconsider the information in front of you, and look carefully at what you’re communicating to others. You may need to adjust your dialogue to take background restrictions into consideration. March 31st - April 1st can clarify the information that’s been up for review. 

The Moon’s trine to the South Node in your sign says that this pause is actually part of your journey forward - what you’re working through will allow you to leave behind old issues of mistrust/alienation, while developing your one-on-one relationships (or your ability to balance your needs with another) more fully. If you’re in a relationship, this can be an important turning point -keep talking it through. 

As Venus moves into your domestic sector, you’ll also be looking at how the above issues will impact the security of your home or family. Venus can help you bring more beauty, happiness and stability to your immediate surroundings, as you consider where you feel at home, or where you feel uncomfortable/alienated. The key will be grounding yourself in what works right now. If home/family doesn’t feel welcoming, the events of this Moon  can help you figure out what needs to change.  


Last week’s intense Jupiter/Pluto aspects to Venus in your sector of personal resources have led to the Venus/Uranus conjunction. A sudden change in finances or personal values might disrupt your security - more or less of what you want can be unnerving. Watch for sudden urges to spend or put yourself in a position that impacts your self-esteem. Is it worth the risk?

The Venus-ruled Full Moon in your sector of shared resources indicates that these results will impact the intimate side of your relationship, or your shared finances (debts, taxes, your partner’s finances). Imbalances between your security versus what you share/owe can be hi-lighted, and the square to Mars/Saturn will trigger reminders of what you don’t have enough of(financially or emotionally). You may be confronted by significant  debts or psychological pressure, as a social prompt or rule delivers consequences. You may need to deal with your social responsibilities in order to rebalance personal financial or emotional issues. Mercury Rx is already taking you through a revision process regarding earned money, personal values and self-esteem- use these developments to look closely at what needs to change in these areas. 

The Moon’s trine to the South Node in your hidden sector indicates that this is all part of going behind the curtain and confronting the shadow stuff. What’s hidden or unacknowledged (or undeveloped) needs a reality check. What do you need to get real about? This Moon will help you do just that. 

Venus’ move into your communication sector helps you put these things into words, as new ideas and conversations grow from your desire to enhance your wellbeing. Give it a name and start thinking about how you can make it real - you attract what you put out.