Horoscopes for June 24th, 2018 to July 1st, 2018

Photo by PixaSquare from  Pexels

Photo by PixaSquare from Pexels



Venus/Jupiter: Big Love

Venus in Leo squares Jupiter Rx in Scorpio on June 25th, bringing extravagant expressions of love, big spending and big indulgences. Venus in Leo wants attention and loves the shine of what’s joyous and playful. Jupiter will increase these tendencies, but the tension of the square suggests that more may not be enough. Expectations can grow beyond what’s feasible, resulting in cravings that go over the top. Enjoy what’s on offer, but keep an eye on your limits. 

Mars Retrograde

Mars in Aquarius stations Rx on June 26th. From a previous post:

“…Mars Rx in Aquarius intensifies specific actions so the move towards independence can happen (sometimes it takes extra effort to break away from the past). Or, Mars Rx can delay actions/progress if the impulse is poorly timed. Delays or intensification will depend on how Mars aspects your chart. Mars Rx means progress is put on hold, either way. You have to wait or redo. Progress happens when Mars stations direct. 

In general, Mars in Aquarius is tense, rebellious and stubborn (Aquarius is a Fixed sign). Compromise is non-existent - it must happen, and it must happen your way or their way, no matter what. “

Mars will station direct on August 27th, so consider the time between now and then as a time to rework, pause or try harder on an existing issue.

Capricorn Full Moon

The June 28th Capricorn Full Moon conjoins Saturn Rx, squares Chiron in Aries and trines Uranus in Taurus. Culminations will be strongly Saturn-flavoured: serious, committed, focused and formidable. This will be about a previous rule or limit, and the square to Chiron can make it uncomfortable. But the Uranus trine suggests that the work you put in now will lay the foundation for future progress. 

Mercury in Leo Square Uranus

From June 29th to 30th, Mercury in Leo squares Uranus in Taurus and trines Chiron. Words will be big, bold and shocking- Mercury in Leo grabs attention, and this attention will be based on the unexpected. The trine to Chiron can address any hurts the Full Moon stirred up, as uncompromising words and bold self-expression help you deal with the Chiron wound. Talk about what hurts, even if it ruffles a few feathers. These energies will refer back to June 14th-15th, when Venus in Leo squared Uranus and trined Chiron.  

Uranus (the great disruptor) is triggering earthquakes with its ingress into stubborn Taurus. What's kept you comfortable (or stagnant) is being shaken. New ways of surviving and thriving are in front of you. 

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Venus in your sector of self-expression square Jupiter Rx suggests a hot new attraction (with obsessive undertones) or an overwhelming desire to spend/indulge/celebrate. The urge to play/attract will be strong, and for the most part this can be quite enjoyable. However, watch for the urge to push it past the limit. 

Mars Rx in your social sector can see delays with public projects or group activities. You may have to put social efforts on hold, or return to a previous issue. Consider what you’re trying to break away from or how you’re attempting to stand out from the crowd - you may need to recalibrate you efforts or try harder. Too, Mars Rx can see you reconnecting with someone who pushes your buttons or challenges you on a public level. 

The Full Moon in your career sector squares Chiron in your sign, indicating a professional conclusion, ending or result that reminds you of where you feel weakest. You may be returning to a previous professional goal, or you may have to reestablish your authority. Perhaps there’s a fight for respect. Fortunately, you don’t shrink from a challenge- you’re more than ready to tackle this. 

Aspects to Mercury in your sector of self-expression can see you speaking out about what you want, in a creative or romantic area. What you have to say, or what you realize, may rock the boat and grab attention, and the trine to Chiron in your sign will be your ticket to dealing with any sore spots from the Full Moon. Now is not the time to remain silent- own the wound/insecurity and watch how the added attention works for you. This will be a continuation of influences from June 14th-15th. 


Venus in your domestic sector squares Jupiter Rx, suggesting extravagant developments with a domestic partner or home/family. Expectations or plans to spend/beautify/expand will be grand, and there could be a family celebration. Take this opportunity to enjoy the love around you, but keep your expectations in check. 

Mars Rx in your career sector can see you reconsidering a job/job offer, or looking more closely at your ambitions/professional activities. It will be time to review how you get ahead (or if you’re getting ahead) - perhaps your current career path needs some adjustment. Job issues/issues with management can be delayed, or you may be pushed to intensify your efforts. 

The Full Moon in your sector of opportunities can hi-light a rule/official conclusion involving travel, education, legal matters or publishing. This will be a return to a previous official matter, and you may have to refocus your learning/travel/future plans. Hidden doubts will be activated, but the trine to Uranus in your sign says this is all part of the new you - you’re breaking away from old habits and approaching routines in a different way. Even if progress is stalled, know that this is a crucial part of your eventual forward movement. 

Aspects to Mercury in your domestic sector (including the square to Uranus in your sign) suggest surprising family discussions or domestic news. Watch for a jolt that sees you questioning the past - new information will be an important part of addressing hidden wounds. Don’t be afraid to speak out about the painful secret. This will be a continuation of influences from June 14th-15th. 


Venus in your communication sector squares Jupiter, signalling good news (about work or health) a burst of optimism or a hopeful conversation. Too, you could find yourself promising to deliver way more than you’re capable of - focus those good intentions and make sure they line up with reality. 

Mars Rx in your sector of opportunities suggests delays or intensified efforts around travel, education, legal matters or publishing. You may have to revisit previous plans or increase your efforts to fight for a cause/belief. 

The Full Moon in your sector of shared resources can hi-light boundaries or responsibilities connected to debts, taxes, your partner’s finances or intimacy. These results will be about revisiting a previous rule or restriction - a boundary may need to be reestablished, or you may need to double down if you want to pay something off. Background responsibilities will be connected to public insecurities or comparisons that make you aware of extra work. 

Aspects to Mercury in your communication sector can see you speaking out unexpectedly or hearing some news that opens your eyes. Hidden disruptions/clarifications will bring out the truth, and this can be a release for any insecurities/sensitivities involving friends, groups or your connection to the public. You may be pushed to speak out about a public issue, or you could receive inspiration from the oddest source. This will be a continuation of influences from June 14th-15th.  


Venus in your sector of personal resources squares Jupiter Rx, encouraging you to spend, treat yourself or feel optimistic about current developments. Self-esteem can get a boost, especially involving  creative or romantic prospects. Just watch the spending- you’ll be wanting more. 

Mars Rx in your sector of shared resources can see you revisiting issues involving  debts, taxes, your partner’s finances or intimacy. It may take intensified or revised efforts to break away from a habit/connection, or address a problem. In some cases, intimacy may heat up. 

The Full Moon in your partnership sector signals a turning point or result in a relationship. Change is brewing, even as you revisit previous boundaries, goals or responsibilities. You may be pushed to confront issues around future ambitions, looking after yourself or finding the strength to do something on your own. A formal commitment is another possibility - watch for parent/child dynamics as one partner takes control or lays down the law. In some cases, you may question if the responsibilities in a partnership are worth it.  

Aspects to Mercury in your sector of personal resources can deliver unexpected news about earned money, a new source of income or emotional security. You may be pushed to abruptly declare what you must have, or what you feel you’re worth. Too, surprising public dynamics can call for a radical revision of financial plans. As disruptive as this may be, developments can help you deal with insecurities/doubts in your career. New issues around ambition, success or authority will call for a new approach to money and and self-esteem. Maybe it’s time to raise your rates or approach difficulties in an unexpected way. 


Venus in your sign square Jupiter Rx can boost your confidence, generosity and drive for attention. You’ll attract more and may feel like going all out to celebrate, perform or show off. Excellent for grabbing positive attention, although some of what you attract may be more than anticipated. 

Mars Rx in your partnership sector can see you and a partner taking a step back, or returning to a previous relationship issue. It may be time to go over old ground, reconsider actions or slow things down. Your partner may be calling the shots on this one. In some cases, watch for the return of a past love who makes the first move. 

The Full Moon in your sector of routine can hi-light a heavy responsibility, a health issue or extra work. You’ll be revisiting previous responsibilities or limits, in order to correct or improve. This is connected to recent changes in your career - if you want to align yourself with the future you need to attend to past obligations. A work or health result can feel quite heavy, drawing your attention to where you can’t go or where you need to pull back. 

Aspects to Mercury in your sign can prompt you to speak out about something that’s been previously hidden or denied. It may be time to go public or announce your intentions regarding career or future goals. Too, big-picture changes can shock you with the clarity they present. There’s some risk associated with this, but that may be just what you need to address a sore spot or fear in the areas of education, travel, legal matters or publishing. 


Venus in your hidden sector square Jupiter Rx can trigger an over-the-top fantasy, desire or hidden potential. Information that you’ve uncovered, or an intensive conversation, can open a door to something fabulous and hopeful. Just be aware that nothing is proven (yet).

Mars Rx in your sector of routine can trigger a rework, reboot or intensified efforts involving work, health or obligations to others. Going back over a task may be necessary to fine-tune. Too, a health issue may require a second try or revised approach. In general, expect progress in these areas to be slow or non-existent while Mars is Rx - this is not the time to speed ahead. Dig in and focus on what needs fixing. 

The Full Moon in your sector of self-expression illuminates limits or responsibilities around something you want. Has your hard work paid off? You’ll find out -  issues around a creative project, new attraction or children/pregnancy will deliver something real, although it may not be a total cause for celebration. An achievement will have heavy responsibilities attached, and any success will be dependent on how you’re approaching this issue the second time around. Deeper anxieties about money, intimacy or vulnerability may be triggered, but there’s also room for expansion and future potential - it all depends on how you’ve been focusing your energies. 

Aspects to Mercury in your in your hidden sector can abruptly clarify a secret, issue in your blind spot or gut feeling. Watch for a flash of intuition or surprise as the pieces fall into place and certain things suddenly make sense. Whether this clarity is a relief or a disruption, know that it can trigger deeper layers of healing - you’re encouraged to discuss or privately explore issues that have been (until now) too sensitive to approach. 


Venus in your social sector square Jupiter Rx can boost your public image/public connections. This aspect suggests good times with friends or expensive social activities. Great for a launch or meeting new folks. However, there will be a tendency to overdo it and spend more money than you have. 

Mars Rx in your sector of self-expression suggests revisiting a hot attraction from the past, or putting the brakes on a current flirtation/new attraction. Creative efforts may also experience delays, although in some cases you may intensify your efforts to make something happen. It might be time to reconsider how you get what you want or how you seek attention. 

The Full Moon in your domestic sector hi-lights a family responsibility, domestic conclusion or relocation. Parental issues will be emphasized, and you’ll be confronting certain family obligations that cannot be avoided. In some cases there may be a formal ending. Obligations or endings will illuminate sore spots in a partnership, and who is responsible for what may be an issue. However, watch for changes (involving shared finances or psychological issues) unfolding on a deeper level

Aspects to Mercury in your social sector can trigger surprising public reveals or disruptive conversations with friends. Behind-the-scenes changes will result in public announcements that clear the air, but may not be accepted by everyone. However, the trine to Chiron suggests that honesty is the best way to deal with any painful relationship issues. Get it all out in the open - you have nothing to hide, and once it’s out there you may find that the pain is reduced. Or at least, you’ll have access to understanding and empathy from others  (you’re not in this alone). 


Venus in your career sector square Jupiter Rx in your sign signals a brilliant opportunity to boost your professional image, move ahead, launch something or impress those in authority. A work relationship may open some exciting new doors. However, know that the square can exaggerate things, so use some caution when promising what you think you can deliver.

Mars Rx in your domestic sector can see you digging into the past, reviewing domestic issues or experiencing delays with a relocation, family development or home business. There may be additional renovations needed, or intensified efforts before you can finally sever that connection/break that habit. If the same old family argument is reactivated, consider if you can do things differently this time. 

The Full Moon in your communication sector suggests a verbal or written result, commitment, judgement or decision. You’ve looked at this before, but now it’s final. You may not be happy about all of this, as sensitive work or health issues will be involved, but it’s time to focus on this unavoidable truth. A contract will be binding and will clearly define your responsibilities and next steps that you and partner take. 

Aspects to Mercury in your career sector can trigger a surprising work announcement or  conversation with management. What’s said will be very public and will impact your professional image. Perhaps you decide to take an abrupt left turn on your career path. Despite the surprise, what comes out can provide an avenue of release for painful work or health issues. The act of being heard and expressing what’s really on your mind can help you address painful obligations or uncomfortable situations. This could be you speaking out about an unacceptable work scenario. 


Venus in your opportunities sector square Jupiter Rx can see you leaping into the unknown with an intriguing but slightly risky potential involving long-distance romance, travel, education, legal matters or publishing. There’s definitely more to explore, but be aware that you may not know all the facts.

Mars Rx in your communication sector suggests revisiting a conversation/piece of info, or going back over a statement. Information will change, and you may be questioning your motivation around a key idea. Now is not the time for final answers, but it is a good time to dig deeper into a previous message or intensify your efforts to make your voice heard. 

The Full Moon in your sector of personal resources can hi-light a financial limit/commitment, or personal boundary. Results will depend on how much responsibility you’ve taken for your finances or values, although this Moon will trigger some doubts about attractiveness, talent or feeling special/worthy. The key is taking responsibility for what you want and accepting certain limits. This will also be part of new definitions around work and health routines. 

Aspects to Mercury in your opportunities sector can deliver some surprising news related to travel, education, legal matters or publishing. Too, you may suddenly decide to speak out about an unexplored matter, or dive into questionable waters. What you learn/say may be unprecedented, but this can also act as a release for any nagging feelings of inferiority or questions about attractiveness/talent. Don’t be afraid to explore the unknown or ask the disruptive but clarifying questions. 


Venus in your sector of shared resources square Jupiter Rx can dramatically increase an intimate connection or your desire for more. In some cases, there may be an unexpected financial gift, but expenses can also mount (although the initial reason for spending will be something indulgent). 

Mars Rx in your sector of personal resources sees you going back over a financial issue, reviewing your spending or putting increased efforts into the pursuit of something you want. Before you can see progress you’ll have to intensify your actions or reconsider if you’re taking the right actions. Issues with salary can be delayed. 

The Full Moon in your sign conjoins Saturn Rx, hi-lighting a key responsibility, boundary or authority issue. This will be something you’re revisiting or reinforcing, and uncomfortable domestic issues will be involved. There could be a relationship or family conclusion, and you’ll be drawing the line or declaring that the end has been reached. But you’ll be defining new rules regarding something desired that you’re trying to create. Your focus will make it happen. 

Aspects to Mercury in your sector of shared resources can dramatically open up deeper conversations or sensitive issues, and you may not feel in control of the conversation. Some of what’s revealed can make you uncomfortable, but ultimately this will be part of your ability to address ongoing family wounds or sore spots. Deep truths will come to light, or you may experience some radical insight about your own psychological motivations. 


Venus in your partnership sector square Jupiter Rx can accelerate a new relationship or bring a burst of optimism/celebration to an existing partnership. Promises for the future (in a romantic or professional context) look good, and a new attraction can dazzle you. Enjoy the moment but keep an eye on exaggerated expectations, especially if your career or professional image is involved. 

Mars Rx in your sign suggests revisiting a past issue/relationship in order to completely lay the past to rest. Questions around anger, motivation or the desire for freedom will come up, and you may feel frustrated as you feel yourself sliding backwards. A step back is necessary before you can move forward - use this time to dig deeper into old issues or refocus your energy on something that still has potential. For some, this may be a second chance to succeed or break away. 

The Full Moon in your hidden sector illuminates another chapter around an ongoing ending or hidden limit. There may be several layers to this goodbye. Or, you may uncover another reality check regarding a health or work limit. Hidden responsibilities can trigger painful realizations or an acceptance of certain facts. At the same time, know that you’re slowly but surely breaking away from the past and laying down new domestic foundations. 

Aspects to Mercury in your partnership sector suggests disruptive conversations with a partner (or someone close to you). Changes in family/your domestic environment can abruptly open things up between you and another, although what they have to say may catch you off guard. Despite the shock, this could be just what you need to get the conversation flowing about a difficult subject. 


Venus in your sector of routine squares Jupiter Rx, triggering a big surge of optimism, possibility or desire to help in the areas of work, obligations to others or health. There’s more for you to do, give or enjoy. If you’re giving, make sure you save some for yourself - this aspect can make you overenthusiastic. If you’re practicing self-care, know that this aspect has an indulgent side that can throw you off track regarding diet/exercise. 

Mars Rx in your hidden sector can see you refocusing your efforts on a dream, ultimate goal or goodbye. Before you can move ahead with an external development, something in the background requires an adjustment or delay. If you’re forced to wait, allow the energy to simmer  -  it will boil when it’s ready, in its own time. 

The Full Moon in your social sector illuminates a public responsibility or boundary. Too, you could be seeing the results of limits/rules around a friendship or group association. You may be held accountable, or (in some cases) given new authority, but you’ll feel a bit vulnerable or unprepared. Some of the limits may feel unfair or needlessly restrictive, but these are the results of what’s been brewing for awhile. 

Aspects to Mercury in your sector of routine can deliver some surprising news regarding a work or health issue. An error may suddenly be uncovered, or an extra obligation may come to light. In some cases you could discover an odd workaround. While this energy can disrupt your existing routine, the sudden change can also help you address insecurities about money or self-esteem. Suddenly, it’s not as dire as you thought. Or, there’s an unusual solution that you can apply.