Horoscopes for July 29th, 2018 to August 5th, 2018

Photo by Rene Asmussen from  Pexels

Photo by Rene Asmussen from Pexels


Venus Square Vesta

July 30th sees Venus in Virgo square Vesta Rx in Sagittarius. Vesta is devotion and extreme focus. Retrograde enhances that focus as it turns inward or is trained on something from the past (this will involve an ideal, vision of the truth or story). The square to Venus suggests this will limit a relationship, money or self-esteem issue - you may be looking in the wrong place for what you want, or obsessing to the point where you deny yourself. 

Vesta direct (on August 1st) can ease some of those limits with gradual progress. The focus may be a bit less intense (or self-righteous) which will allow you to look up and see the rest of the picture. 

Mars Rx Square Uranus

Also on August 1st, Mars Rx in Aquarius makes his second square to Uranus in Taurus. The first square occurred on May 16th, and the July 27th eclipse featured Mars Rx, so events from these dates may be reactivated. Watch for another shock, surprising move or abrupt action.

This is the second of three squares (the third occurring on September 18th when Mars is direct) so you know this issue is not going to be resolved quickly. It may take several kicks before you gain the momentum required to detach from the past. Because no matter how this goes down, that's the theme - distance from what was. The harder the kick, the more distance is needed. Mars Rx is about pulling back or trying again.

Juno Versus Jupiter

On August 3rd, there’s a showdown between a famous couple as Juno in Taurus opposes Jupiter in Scorpio. Juno (representing partnership agreements) was Jupiter’s faithful wife, even in the face of his endless infidelities. When these two aspect each other, the interplay between expectations (Jupiter) versus the actual agreement between two people is emphasized. An opposition is a result - the turning point regarding a commitment (in any type of partnership) will feature some tension between hopes versus reality (even if this is a positive outcome).

The Taurus/Scorpio axis means any conflict will be deeply ingrained (these are Fixed signs) but it can also indicate a solid commitment. However, know that Jupiter in Scorpio pushes the boundaries while Juno in Taurus stubbornly insists on keeping things the same. 


Venus in your sector of routine square Vesta Rx indicates tension between a health or work issue versus your devotion to an ideal or distant issue. A desire to improve, help someone or be helped may be blocked by your focus on education, legal matters, travel or publishing - consider the details in light of how you’re trying to go further (there may be conflict between your immediate present versus future vision). Vesta direct can signal progress and improved perspective, allowing you to see beyond what’s currently captured your attention. 

Mars Rx in your social sector makes his second square to Uranus, reigniting an issue from May 16th and the July 27th eclipse. You may be confronted with an argument or social challenge involving money or self-esteem. Group efforts or actions amongst friends can deliver more surprises. Watch for anger (over an issue that you thought was over) to be triggered once again. 

Jupiter in your sector of shared resources opposes Juno, hi-lighting the dynamics of financial and emotional power in a relationship. The deeper layers to an agreement or power balance may come to a head with your survival and independence as a main issue. Consider what’s essential and what you’re willing to compromise on. For some, a partner’s increase in wealth, or a financial gift, can alter the power balance. 


Venus in your sector of self-expression square Vesta Rx suggests a background focus (or obsession) involving shared finances or intimacy can challenge a new attraction or your desire for attention/appreciation. Tension around what you feel you’re missing can result in a fixation on what you want from someone else. Vesta direct can signal progress in the form of increased awareness, even though you still may not get everything you want. 

Mars Rx in your career sector makes his second square to Uranus in your sign, reigniting an issue from May 16th and the July 27th eclipse. A disruption at work (change in management, change in your professional image or your approach to ambition) will hit again, so be prepared for another wake-up call regarding your future. . Or, you may get a second shot at a surprising job offer. 

Juno in your sign opposes Jupiter in your partnership sector, emphasizing the agreement between you and another. Your preferences may be challenged by a partner’s ideals - they believe one thing, you insist on the opposite. It’s time to see if you can meet in the middle. For some, this aspect can indicate the end of an existing agreement, but there should be a sense of release and optimism. If a commitment is made, know that your partner’s freedom and desire for more will be key issues. 


Venus in your domestic sector square Vesta Rx suggests tension between home/family issues versus a specific partnership focus. What you want (or what your family wants) may clash with what a partner is devoted to. This could involve differing ideas about love or family ethics. As Vesta stations direct, watch for progress as your partner no longer goes back over and over the same issue, or is more willing to incorporate new visions compromise. 

Mars Rx in your sector of opportunities makes his second square to Uranus, reigniting an issue from May 16th and the July 27th eclipse. Travel, education, legal matters, publishing or a belief that you’ve been fighting for can feature more surprises. Disruptions can come in the form of sudden reveals or necessary upheavals that are part of the ongoing process of gaining distance or detachment. 

Juno in your hidden sector opposite Jupiter can reveal a hidden or unacknowledged issue around a partnership agreement, power balance or fidelity. Changes/growth in your daily life (including work or health) may push the issue to the point where you can no longer ignore it. For some, there may be conflict between a partner’s habits versus what you want in your relationship. 


Venus in your communication sector square Vesta Rx suggests compromise will be difficult. What you want to hear, or an attempt on your part to offer love/help/affection may be limited by work, health or routine issues. Excessive focus and worry can sidetrack you, especially if you’re fixated on trying to help someone who doesn’t want your help. Vesta direct can ease some of the fixation and may provide a way forward regarding a health or work concern - watch for a solution to emerge. 

Mars Rx in your sector of shared resources makes his second square to Uranus, reigniting an issue from May 16th and the July 27th eclipse. Debts, taxes, loans, your partner’s finances, intimacy or uncomfortable psychological issues may still be areas of surprise or upheaval. You won’t have control over someone else’s actions. Or, your actions may have unexpected consequences. Certainly, you won’t be able to force a result, so focus on stepping away from what feels most urgent and look at the deeper issues at play. There’s a message here about what you need to give up or amputate. 

Juno in your social sector opposes Jupiter, hi-lighting the public face of a relationship agreement versus your expectations. There may be a push to make it official (and in some cases this could signal an enthusiastic new commitment in a professional or romantic capacity) but there can also be discord between your hopes versus what’s actually happening. Is the agreement you’ve made enough? Consider the role others play in your partnership, and if they should have any influence at all. 


Venus in your sector of personal resources square Vesta Rx suggests that limits or excessive focus on a new attraction, drive for attention or creative project can make you feel insecure. You may be aware of what you don’t have (regarding money or self-esteem) due to an ideal that’s not quite being met. As Vesta stations direct, watch for progress as some of those limits ease up or you gain better perspective on what you can actually accomplish. 

Mars Rx in your partnership sector makes his second square to Uranus, reigniting an issue from May 16th and the July 27th eclipse. Repeat conflict, competition or dealings with a partner from the past will be connected to upheaval at work or your professional image/career goals. Someone else may be calling the shots or making you aware that your current goals/approach to authority have to change. 

Juno in your career sector opposite Jupiter suggests that professional agreements, a business partnership or the status of your relationship can either reach a rewarding culmination or illuminate a conflict between home versus work. Success or struggle will depend on shared ideals and a mutual agreement on expansion/family issues. Consider if the official status of your partnership truly reflects domestic ideals.


Venus in your sign square Vesta Rx can remind you that a domestic/family issue you’re devoted to (or fixated on) is not working out exactly the way you’d hoped. You may be looking for a certain type of love, affection, support or abundance, but a family member or a domestic partner may have a different vision. Too, your focus on home can interfere with what you really want for yourself. Vesta direct can give you a bit more room to breath as domestic issues see progress. There’s a way forward regarding what’s most important to you in your personal life. 

Mars Rx in your sector of routine makes his second square to Uranus, reigniting an issue from May 16th and the July 27th eclipse. A health or work issue is still not completed - you may need to try again regarding a solution, or handle more disruptions as external events continue to change your routine. However, you will be revisiting a known issue, so you’ll have some idea about how to approach this. An overall change to your daily life, diet, exercise or work habits is demanded. 

Juno in your sector of opportunities opposes Jupiter, hi-lighting an official announcement or agreement regarding a partnership. This could be an expansive achievement where your partner reflects your greatest ideals. Or, there could be a conflict between what you’re expecting versus what they’re expecting. 


Venus in your hidden sector square Vesta Rx suggests that an external focus on, or devotion to, an idea/conversation will cause tension with a hidden desire or attraction. Dedication to knowledge, a story or promise may be driven by what you want but have not openly admitted to. There may be tension between facts versus fantasy and the intensity of your focus may be what’s restricting you. As Vesta stations direct, watch for the conversation or idea to progress - you’ll no longer be reviewing the same topic. 

Mars Rx in your sector of self-expression makes his second square to Uranus, reigniting an issue from May 16th and the July 27th eclipse. Money, attraction or the drive for attention/creativity can result in some surprising displays, especially if you feel limited or denied. This energy can increase the tendency to take risks in order to get what you want (a romantic fling is possible).  

Juno in your sector of shared resources opposes Jupiter, suggesting an agreement involving shared finances or intimacy which hi-lights more of what you want. You may be pushing for more (money, independence, security) while your partner has fixed ideas about what they can actually share. In some cases, this could be a lucrative agreement if the power balance is approached in the correct manner. Consider how your growth factors into their ideas of commitment. 


Venus in your social sector square Vesta Rx suggests that a focus on money/security (or lack of) can limit social opportunities or place barriers around a friendship/group association or your public image. You may be very concerned with what you don’t have enough of, especially if you’re comparing this to what someone else has. Insecurity could be a result. Vesta direct can help you come to terms with a financial plan or establishing firm ideals regarding your self-esteem and personal values. If social interactions don’t agree with your values, consider which is more important. 

Mars Rx in your domestic sector makes his second square to Uranus, reigniting an issue from May 16th and the July 27th eclipse. You may revisit a domestic dispute, or a partner could disrupt home/family life with some unexpected moves. Know that things were never going to stay the same - this is your new foundation and the way to minimize disruptions (as much as possible)is to go with the changes. You cannot control another person, especially if they want their freedom. 

Juno in your partnership sector opposes Jupiter in your sign, hi-lighting more partnership issues. Your ideals, beliefs or plans for growth may clash with what your partner has in mind. Or, you could be projecting your hopes onto them. However, if both of you are on the same page, this opposition could suggest a happy conclusion involving a commitment with room for future growth. 


Venus in your career sector square Vesta Rx in your sign suggests an area of devotion or extreme focus (perhaps something that you’re going back over or obsessing about) is interfering with a professional relationship, future goals or your professional image. What’s got your attention these days? While you may be trying to make things better, consider that you may be losing sight of big-picture improvements. Vesta direct can help to broaden your focus a bit, or at least get you looking at the future rather than the past. 

Mars Rx in your communication sector makes his second square to Uranus, reigniting an issue from May 16th and the July 27th eclipse. An argument, tense discussion or topic that you feel passionately about can come up again with unexpected consequences. You may speak out impulsively or get hit with some surprising news regarding a work or health issue. Changes to your routine are not over. 

Juno in your sector of routine opposes Jupiter, contrasting real-world agreements and partnership parameters with hidden or unspoken ideals. Dreams versus reality is the issue here - the actual agreement/contract between you and another may be miles away from what you’re envisioning. If you’re disappointed, now is the time to speak up and clarify your expectations. 


Venus in your sector of opportunities squares Vesta Rx, suggesting that a hidden or unconscious focus may interfere with something you want in the areas of travel, long-distance romance, education, legal matters or publishing. Attempts to go further/explore  will be undermined by a limit you’re not fully conscious of, or a secret fixation. As Vesta stations direct, allow yourself to slowly release what you’ve been focusing on. 

Mars Rx in your sector of personal resources makes his second square to Uranus, reigniting an issue from May 16th and the July 27th eclipse. Abrupt changes in income, personal security or self-esteem will continue, as you’re rattled by a creative or romantic issue. You may take surprising actions to get what you want. Or, abrupt developments can permanently change your approach to what you have. Unexpected expenses or issues with children/pregnancy could manifest.  

Juno in your sector of self-expression opposes Jupiter, suggesting public results or expectations for a relationship agreement. A new attraction could develop into something more -expectations will be exaggerated. An existing partnership can feature expansive public goals/results, but both parties may not be in agreement. Consider what you’re hoping to achieve versus what your partner wants. 


Venus in your sector of shared resources squares Vesta Rx, indicating that a social focus (on a friendship, group affiliation or your public image) can limit developments around intimacy or shared finances. What you owe or share will be challenged by social expectations or your devotion to a public ideal. Vesta direct can offer some fresh perspective, especially if you’ve been disappointed with how things are working out (publicly). 

Mars Rx in your sign makes his second square to Uranus, reigniting an issue from May 16th and the July 27th eclipse. Changes at home/with family (including relocation or family disruptions) continue to push you away from the past. This can involve who you were in the context of family, or a physical move away from a specific location. The more disruptive the changes, the more change is needed. Watch for an impact on your physical appearance, lifestyle or relationships. 

Juno in your domestic sector opposes Jupiter, suggesting a domestic partnership, or relationship goals based on the past/your parents’ marriage, may be at odds with your future/career goals.  As you try to move ahead you’ll have to come to terms with an old understanding between you and someone else, or family traditions. In some cases, this could involve the official result of a professional partnership that furthers your career. 


Venus in your partnership sector square Vesta Rx suggests that your focus on career, success or a future ideal will clash with a partnership issue. Attempts at harmony, compromise or mutual improvement will be limited by a blinkered view of what your future holds. If this is a business partnership, there may be conflicting views of success  and what the primary vision is. As Vesta stations direct, watch for progress with a career issue or your dealings with authority - a narrow view of what’s possible can advance somewhat. 

Mars Rx in your hidden sector makes his second square to Uranus, reigniting an issue from May 16th and the July 27th eclipse. Surprising reveals, answers or conversations can continue to provide clarity that allows you to permanently detach. A fantasy may be detonated, or a subject you’ve been avoiding can abruptly come to light. 

Juno in your communication sector opposes Jupiter, suggesting a formal agreement in a romantic or business relationship. However, there may be some conflict between the details versus big-picture expectations. The main theme will be expansion and future growth, but make sure the words align with ideals - don’t just assume that you’re both on the same page. In some cases, this could involve a legal decision.