Horoscopes for August 19th, 2018 to August 26th, 2018

Photo by luizclas from  Pexels

Photo by luizclas from Pexels



Virgo Season

August 23rd sees the Sun’s entrance into Virgo, the sign of improvements, upgrades and service. This is the time of real fixes (Virgo is an Earth sign) and attention to detail. There is no room for ego in Virgo season, because the focus is on what you can do better (you can always do better) and how you can help others. 

Having said this, the Sun’s first aspect is a painful inconjunct to Chiron Rx (Wounded Healer) in Aries, exact on August 24th. The increased focus on what can be fixed will trigger awareness of a wound or vulnerability that can’t be fixed. Chiron’s wounds never go away. So we have tension between what’s wrong and the drive to make it better. Since the inconjunct is about working with both sides of an incompatible mix, you’ll want to confront (Aries) the wound and work with possible ways of making it better (Virgo), while understanding that it’s not going to be neatly squared away. 

Grand Earth Trine

Fortunately, the Sun is also part of a Grand Earth Trine (to August 25th) involving Saturn Rx in Capricorn and Uranus Rx in Taurus. This is a stabilizing influence, with rules/discipline/maturity (Saturn) as the anchor. Change (Uranus) can be integrated into a new routine (Virgo) which will involve new rules/commitments (Saturn). The Rx status of Saturn and Uranus tells you that you’re returning to this issue, and this time you can get it right (Virgo). 

Full Moon in Pisces

The Grand Trine and Chiron inconjunct feature in August 26th’s Pisces Full Moon. Here we have a culmination that ties all of the above together. A sore spot that can’t quite be corrected, but also an encouraging flow of stable energy and smoothly integrated changes. Pisces is about release, forgiveness and transcendence. The way forward will involve accepting what you can’t fix or control. Forgiving yourself or others while still working to make the best of what you’ve got. 

Venus Square Pluto

Also on August 26th there’s a square between Venus in Libra and Pluto Rx in Capricorn. In contrast to the Full Moon energies, this square suggests obsessive attractions/wants that will trigger an imbalance (Libra). Pluto pushes Venus to go beneath Libra’s surface - there can be demands for more (more than is reasonable) and smiling, social facades will be undercut by darker motivations. The square creates a craving for power and the anxiety that it will be lost. 


The Sun into your sector of routine, inconjunct Chiron Rx in your sign, can hi-light an error, illness or weakness that you want to fix. However, the challenge will be accepting that you can’t make this one go away. The wound will linger - there may be an area where you feel singled out or vulernable and you’ll have to move forward with this. At the same time, you’re encouraged to explore practical methods of dealing with it. 

The Grand Earth Trine activates your sector of routine, your career sector (Saturn Rx) and your sector of personal resources (Uranus Rx). Along with the Full Moon in your hidden sector, there will be a result or ending involving the above wound. Something hidden could come to light, and the Grand Trine suggests you can anchor yourself via the responsibilities/authority issues that you’re dealing with in your career. Despite any insecurities, work and finances look good as you smoothly incorporate a change of income/new source of income into your routines. Focus on what you know you have to do and take it one step at a time. 

Venus in your partnership sector square Pluto Rx suggests that relationships can be intense, passionate and/or aggravating as you deal with a compulsive attraction, power play or manipulative competition (disguised as friendliness). 


The Sun into your sector of self-expression, inconjunct Chiron Rx, presents an issue where you want to shine, achieve or attain. But you’ll be undercut by hidden/unacknowledged insecurities or weaknesses. What you want is manifesting, but you can’t ignore the background wounds that are being triggered. 

The Grand Earth Trine activates Uranus Rx in your sign, the Sun in your sector of self-expression and Saturn Rx in your sector of opportunities. Along with the Full Moon in your social sector, a very public ending or result could be featured. A major change, break for freedom or solid opportunity could be part of these developments - this could be your chance to shine or establish a desired result. Watch for developments in the areas of new romance, children/pregnancy or creative work/performance. This Full Moon suggests there’s plenty of room for future growth, once you release a key social expectation or identification.  

Venus in your sector of routine square Pluto Rx suggests a work or health issue could leave you feeling unbalanced as assistance/service is more of a power play that genuine help. There could be strings attached, and this also applies to any help you may be offering. Check your motivations if you’re trying to help someone, and be aware of what's offered to you. 


The Sun into your domestic sector inconjunct Chiron Rx can trigger some domestic tension as you’re confronted with social insecurities or painful issues with friends/the group. What’s going on out there will have to be balanced with what’s happening at home/with family . 

The Grand Earth Trine activates your domestic sector, your sector of shared resources (Saturn Rx) and your hidden sector (Uranus Rx). Domestic finances, intimacy or private matters can improve and stabilize. The key will be establishing boundaries with a partner and/or reinforcing shared responsibilities. Along with the Full Moon in your career sector, watch for a conclusion involving career, future goals or public expressions of private authority. A job change or relocation could be featured. 

Venus in your sector of self-expression square Pluto Rx can trigger a powerful, possibly obsessive desire for attention, romantic satisfaction or pleasure. Passion will be high, but so will the temptation to overdo it, overspend or push for more than is wise. 


The Sun into your communication sector, inconjunct Chiron Rx, indicates painful or awkward career discussions or announcements. A meeting with someone in authority, or your attempts to communicate your authority, can reveal a flaw or area where you just can’t seem to say the right thing. Know that you won’t get this one perfect, so concentrate on doing your best, covering al the details and then acknowledging any mistakes. The exposure of a professional flaw may be an issue. 

The Grand Earth Trine activates your communication sector, your partnership sector (Saturn Rx) and your social sector (Uranus Rx). The above difficulties can be handled with your steady, practical attention to what needs to be improved, or perhaps a public acknowledgement of what’s wrong. Your public image/connection to the group is changing, and you can find support from others (as well as a partner) as long as you’re mature and honest about this. No dramatics are needed - just a calm statement of the facts. In some cases, this Grand Trine, along with the Full Moon in your opportunities sector, can suggest a solid opportunity to cement your public reputation or express your new ideas in a way that’s respected. A public announcement/launch looks good, even as you’re dealing with a few vulernable moments. 

Venus in your domestic sector square Pluto Rx indicates a spot of tension with a domestic relationship. A partner may have some powerful ideas about what they want, and you could feel unbalanced as you’re challenged by this. Too, family dynamics can feel unfair. Remember that you still have a say - make sure that you’re not projecting all your power outwards. Some power struggles are a sign that change is here and the entire dynamic of your relationship (and you as a partner) is being transformed. 


The Sun into your sector of personal resources inconjunct Chiron Rx can raise tensions between security (financial and emotional) versus venturing further afield. Difficulties in the areas of long-distance travel, education, legal matters or publishing can trigger insecurities, and your resources may not be enough to address the issue. The truth is, there is no fix for this - you’ll have to manage your existing resources while acknowledging that new areas will be uncomfortable. 

The Grand Earth Trine activates your sector of personal resources, your sector of routine (Saturn Rx) and your career sector (Uranus Rx). The above insecurities can be addressed via a steady work/health routine and a disciplined approach to certain responsibilities. Changes in your career/future goals can work for you if you stay calm and focused. Along with the Full Moon in your sector of shared resources, there can be a result involving shared finances, intimacy or a deeper level of trust with someone special. An ending or release of old attitudes to trust/security could be part of this. 

Venus in your communication sector square Pluto Rx suggests conversations/statements that are friendly or flirtatious on the surface, but have an undertone of compulsion. You may be pressured to agree to something you’re not totally comfortable with, or you may (indirectly) do the pressuring. Pay attention to the motivations that lie behind the words. 


The Sun into your sign, inconjunct Chiron Rx, can raise your awareness of a key weakness, flaw or area where you feel out of control. Money, intimacy or deeper psychological issues may be the trigger. Know that you can make certain adjustments that will improve the situation, but you can’t achieve perfection in this case. The deeper wound will continue and you may have to be ok with “good enough.”

The Grand Earth Trine activates the Sun in your sign, Saturn Rx in your sector of self-expression and Uranus Rx in your opportunities sector. Despite the above, you have a major opportunity to focus on what matters most to you (a highly desired romantic or creative goal) and make it happen. You can incorporate new opportunities/approaches (or a venture into the unknown) while anchoring this innovation with your discipline. Go slow, take it one step at a time and watch things solidify. Along with the Full Moon in your partnership sector, a relationship turning point or culmination may be featured. A new attraction could solidify, or a mutual commitment (to change, greater freedom or new horizons) could manifest. 

Venus in your sector of personal resources square Pluto Rx can trigger unbalanced spending  or desires for something. This can be a passionate, indulgent influence, but your cravings can also push you to spend more (emotionally or financially) than you actually have, thereby compromising your security. Consider what you want so badly, and then consider the consequences if you go to extremes. 


The Sun into your hidden sector inconjunct Chiron Rx suggests some painful partnership issues with hidden dynamics. A secret desire for improvement or recognition of what’s missing between you may not be openly discussed, but will factor into awkward confrontations. Don’t ignore what’s going on behind the scenes. 

The Grand Earth Trine activates your hidden sector, your domestic sector (Saturn Rx) and your sector of shared resources (Uranus Rx). Despite the above issues, background or domestic stability is available if you work with home/family responsibilities. Changes in domestic finances or in the deeper layers of a relationship can be integrated into your life, with the understanding that an existing relationship problem won’t go away. Along with the Full Moon in your sector of routine, watch for a result or solution involving work habits, health or daily routines. This could be about finding new ways to release an unhealthy habit or create stability. 

Venus in your sign square Pluto Rx can prompt some intense moments of jealousy, manipulation or control. A desired objective (or relationship issue) may consume you, but watch for all-or-nothing behaviour. If you find that you’re caught in a “must have” situation, take a step back. 


The Sun into your social sector inconjunct Chiron Rx can trigger your awareness of an error, imperfection or weakness in the areas of health or daily routines. A social issue (or interaction with friends/the public) may be the prompt. While another’s comments (or your comparison) does have something important to say about your difficulties, keep in mind that it’s not all about what’s going on “out there.” External events and contacts can offer perspective (and remind you where you stand) but your health or approach to work come first. Be cautious about unrealistic standards of public perfection. Too, this could illustrate the disconnect between your public face versus what’s going on closer to home. 

The Grand Earth Trine activates your social sector, your communication sector (Saturn Rx) and your partnership sector (Uranus Rx). Relationship changes can be formalized via a verbal or written commitment. Clarifying the rules/boundaries on a personal and public level can help stabilize a partnership. This applies romantically and professionally. Along with the Full Moon in your sector of self-expression, watch for a  conclusion that hi-lights something you want to go public with. Excellent for a launch or public declaration of a relationship commitment. 

Venus in your hidden sector square Pluto Rx suggests hidden compulsions, jealousies or obsessive attractions. You may have your eye on a specific relationship goal or person, but much of what you want is obscured from others, and maybe even yourself. Even if you’re keeping this private, aim for total honesty with yourself. Now is not the time to pretend. 


The Sun into your career sector inconjunct Chiron Rx suggests career issues/future goals  may be undercut by a lack of confidence or difficulties with a creative project, children/pregnancy or a new attraction. You may be reminded of what you want but can’t have, or doubts about your abilities to succeed. You may feel that your authority or attempts to upgrade your professional image are compromised. The key is not erasing the doubt or sore spot (it’s not going away anytime soon) but embracing it and making it part of your move forward. In this case, success involves integrating lack of confidence or a failure. How might this encourage you to try harder, go further or tighten up your efforts to succeed? Remember that this is not about raw ego and winning- true success in this case involves awareness of what can go wrong but moving ahead anyway. 

The Grand Earth Trine activates your career sector, your sector of personal resources (Saturn Rx) and your sector of routine (Uranus Rx). Changes to your work routines along with the need to focus on income/security can pay off now, as you manifest a professional opportunity. This will be contingent on your previous efforts to make the most of your own resources while updating an approach to work or health. A new job or increase in financial security is possible. Along with the Full Moon in your domestic sector, watch for a result that illuminates your next step forward regarding home, family and career. 

Venus in your social sector square Pluto Rx can trigger some demanding social dynamics involving competition, jealousy and manipulation. There may be envy of what others have, or you may be the target of their envy. Underneath the social interactions there will be deeper issues that feel like survival - try to keep things in perspective and understand that an interaction with friends or the group is not life or death. Passive- aggressive dynamics will be in full swing; try to take the high road and don’t get sucked into the drama. 


The Sun into your sector of opportunities inconjunct Chiron Rx can trigger old family wounds or current difficulties. Issues involving travel, education, legal matters, exploration, beliefs or publishing can raise some difficult questions about what’s going on at home. The broader perspective is actually a good thing - maybe it’s time to see these old wounds in a new light. 

The Grand Earth Trine activates Saturn Rx in your sign, Uranus Rx in your sector of self-expression and the Sun in your opportunities sector. Your responsibilities, authority or focus will anchor you and any new opportunities that are emerging. Keep your eye on what you want and on the future - you have the power to make this happen. The Full Moon in your communication sector adds an announcement, answer or crucial  conversation to the above (perhaps a conversation with siblings). 

Pluto Rx in your sign square Venus in your career sector suggests that you have your eye on a professional goal or relationship. The desire to succeed is great, but watch that you don’t push things too far or resort to indirect or manipulative tactics to get what you want. Too, you could be the target of manipulation from someone in authority (although they may come off as quite helpful or appealing). Remember that your professional reputation is an issue. 


The Sun in your sector of shared resources inconjunct Chiron Rx suggests shared finances, psychological issues or intimacy can trigger some painful conversations or realizations. You may uncover some issues you’d rather not confront or discuss, but putting this into words may be crucial. 

The Grand Earth Trine activates your sector of shared resources, your hidden sector (Saturn Rx) and your domestic sector (Uranus Rx). Changes at home/with family (perhaps a significant detachment from the past) can manifest as a natural ending - the conclusion to a chapter. This will involve your willingness to confront the hidden/uncomfortable stuff, but it may not be as bad as you fear. The ending that’s materializing can roll forward and actually increase your sense of control. Now you know what’s happening. Along with the Full Moon in your sector of personal resources, watch for a financial and/or emotional conclusion that involves you releasing old, invalid methods of ensuring your security. Money and personal values have new meaning to you now. 

Venus in your sector of opportunities square Pluto Rx can trigger tempting but compulsive events involving long-distance romance, travel, relocation, education, legal matters or publishing. You see where you want to go, or what you want, but deeper motivations may not be fully realized. Don’t allow unconscious efforts to derail an opportunity - keep your eye on the reality of the situation. If this involves a risk, make sure you have a Plan B. 


The Sun in your partnership sector inconjunct Chiron Rx can raise some painful insecurities regarding a relationship. You may question if you’re good enough, or your partner’s criticisms may undercut your self-esteem. While your existing insecurities are important to acknowledge, know that any situation that makes you feel worse or worthless needs to be examined closely. 

The Grand Earth Trine activates your relationship sector, your social sector (Saturn Rx) and your communication sector (Uranus Rx). A social rule, commitment or boundary can define a relationship issue while putting recent changes/new ideas into context. If you’re making a speech, public announcement or reaching out to others, there’s a good chance that your words will be respected, even if you’re offering something new and unusual. Along with the Full Moon in your sign, this could be a major relationship turning point, or turning point involving your public identity and how you connect to others. 

Venus in your sector of shared resources square Pluto Rx can stir up an intense attraction or craving for financial/emotional sustenance. You may want far more than is available, and your desire may be rooted in social competition or external power plays. Watch for unbalanced expressions of intimacy or sharing (sharing as an attempt to gain power).