Horoscopes for September 9th, 2018 to September 16th, 2018

Photo by eberhard grossgasteiger from  Pexels

Photo by eberhard grossgasteiger from Pexels



Mars returns to Aquarius on September 10th. Mars was last at 0 deg Aquarius on May 16th, so these two dates may be connected. Something from May can be reactivated, but now you don’t have to contend with Mars retrograde so progress should be unimpeded. What happens now will build on Mars’ Rx in Capricorn - intensified ambitions/work or delays as you struggled with rules and limits.

Mars' return to Aquarius could feel like emergence from a cave; there may be a feeling of weight being lifted, as the action planet moves from a structured Earth sign to an Air sign that's concerned with liberation. See the light ahead? Walk towards it - nothing will hold you back now. 

Jupiter/Pluto Sextile

On September 11th, the Virgo Sun trines Pluto Rx in Capricorn and makes a sextile to Jupiter in Scorpio, and on September 12th Jupiter and Pluto make the last of three sextiles to each other. 

Since January, Jupiter and Pluto have harmonized (on and off) with a gentle sextile - power (Pluto) drives expansion (Jupiter) and expansion increases power. This may have manifested as a quiet opportunity for success (dig deeper, intensify your efforts, get more) but the sextile is so quiet that you may not have noticed it. The Sun will energize this and make it stand out - certain details and improvements will come to light, and this will be the time to make the most of them. Success will be dependent on your efforts to do it right and make it better. 


Also on September 12th, Venus in Scorpio opposes Uranus Rx in Taurus and makes a sextile to Saturn. The not-exact trine between Saturn and Uranus will be activated by Venus, suggesting surprising results/endings involving relationships, money or self-esteem.

Scorpio and Taurus are Fixed signs, so the surprise may be more like a depth charge that triggers a change from deep below. Someone may be very reluctant to move forward or welcome this change. Fortunately, Saturn is there to provide some stability. A trine between Saturn and Uranus suggests new rules/structures manifesting in a manageable way. Venus/Uranus may not feel manageable, but look at the bigger picture - consider what traditions are changing and how you can apply new rules or limits to keep yourself together. 

Due to Venus’s upcoming Rx, this opposition will reoccur once more in October. 


On September 13th, Mercury in Virgo opposes Neptune Rx, then trines Pluto and makes a sextile to Jupiter from September 15th to 16th. Information will start out on a shaky note with missing details, deception, confusion or projected words that were never spoken aloud. Again, this could be a result/ending but the terms will be very unclear. You may be asking if it’s really over. 

You might never receive a full answer, or completely understand what’s happening. But be aware that the potential for misunderstandings is great, so do not take any detail for granted. Mercury’s activation of the separating Jupiter/Pluto sextile can help you focus on the most important facts (it might help if you do some research and look behind the veil). You can spin what you do know into plans for the future. 


Mars returns to your social sector, reactivating issues from May 16th. Now you can forge ahead with public actions or social activities. The future is reenergized after months of delays, and intensified efforts around career, professional status or ambition may have pushed you forward. 

The Sun in your sector of routine hooks into the Jupiter/Pluto sextile, giving you professional clout and making your daily routines, work methods or solutions very effective. You can reap the rewards from your hard work while taking advantage of ongoing transformations to your career and future goals. On a deeper level, hidden financial resources and quiet but intensive expansion will support you. 

Venus in your sector of shared resources activates the Saturn/Uranus trine. Structured changes involving sources of income and overall security may be jolted as the dynamics of what you share or owe are amplified. An intimate relationship could start or stop suddenly, or reveal how vulnerable you are. Your approach to money/security could be highlighted. Responsibilities, authority and your focus on the future can stabilize you, if you approach these changes with self-control. 

Mercury (in your sector of routine) opposes Neptune Rx and activates the Pluto/Jupiter sextile. Initial confusion about work or health information, or avoidance of certain facts/corrections can progress into powerful ideas that have a profoundly transformative approach on your work or health routine. The key will be opening your mind to ongoing changes and new solutions while keeping your eye on the details. Communicating your solutions or work methodologies is favoured. 


Mars returns to your career sector, reactivating issues from May 16th. Ambition, progress at work/with a job search and expression of your authority is back on track. Your review or redo of actions involving travel, education, legal matters or publishing has led to this - it’s full steam ahead as you activate your future goals. 

The Sun in your sector of self-expression hooks into the Jupiter/Pluto sextile, boosting your confidence, ability to impact others and desire to reach further. A new or existing relationship can flourish, as can creative works (with lucrative support from a partner). 

Venus in your relationship sector opposes Uranus Rx in your sign and makes a sextile to Saturn in your opportunities sector. Major changes to your identity, approach to partnerships or lifestyle have led to this turning point - a partner can surprise you with the intensity of your attraction to them, or a sudden change/reveal of what they want. Your focus on future goals and long-range plans can keep you steady - no matter what happens, look forward. Uranus insists that you leave the past behind anyway, and your gradual exploration of new territory is part of this. 

Mercury (in your sector of self-expression) opposes Neptune Rx and activates the Pluto/Jupiter sextile. Romantic/creative words or magical thoughts can lift you higher, but there’s also a risk of disappointment if unproven ideals blur the facts. Some of what’s discussed will be the real deal (especially if a partner is involved) and future plans look good. Don’t hesitate to think big, but make sure you have all the details covered. These aspects favour publication or your words having a strong impact on others.


Mars’ return to your opportunities sector reactivates issues from May 16th. Efforts involving travel, education, legal matters or publishing are back on, and you may find that activity increases in these areas. Digging into the past/behind the scenes or sorting out issues with shared finances/intimacy has created momentum, and now you can jump ahead (and take a few risks). 

The Sun in your domestic sector hooks into the Jupiter/Pluto sextile, suggesting that home finances, home improvements or issues with family history can move in the right direction. Watch for deeper sources of strength, solutions or material resources -excellent for self-improvement, healing family issues or working on a homes business. 

Venus in your sector of routine activates the Saturn/Uranus trine. An unexpected change, ending or release that happens behind the scenes can have abrupt consequences in your daily life ( impacting work or health). There can be an unforeseen workaround or disruption, and you can anchor yourself via set boundaries or the agreed-upon parameters regarding what you share or owe. If you’re feeling out of control, focus on those boundaries. 

Mercury (in your domestic sector) opposes Neptune Rx and activates the Jupiter/Pluto sextile. Dealing with management or distant/idealized career goals can trigger some disappointment or confusion. Domestic plans/discussions may get sidetracked by a possible job loss or the dissolution of a goal. Focus on what you can improve in your daily life by empowering yourself with sensitive but necessary knowledge (some of it may be quite private and in-depth) about shared finances or psychological issues. You’re in an excellent position to gain significant ground in your personal life, even if you have to release some expectations in your professional life. 


Mars’ return to your sector of shared resources reactivates issues from May 16th. Shared finances, intimacy or issues with trust/vulnerability can once again be triggered by anger, passion or the desire to break away. Someone else may be the trigger and you will only have so much control over what’s happening. Previous efforts to rebalance or wrap up a relationship will be part of this. 

The Sun in your communication sector hooks into the Jupiter/Pluto sextile, boosting your words, conversations and ideas. A discussion with a partner can be especially promising as you both explore new ways to progress or improve. Too, someone’s influence may push you to look more deeply or speak out in a way that benefits you. Excellent for all one-on-one communication. 

Venus in your sector of self-expression activates the Saturn/Uranus trine. A sudden attraction (or ending to an attraction), change in public status or creative risk can be exciting and/or upsetting. You’ll turn a sharp corner and may feel quite exposed. However, you can rely on a partner’s support, or the defined parameters of a relationship. A change to your relationship with the public is unavoidable, but you can stabilize your one-on-one connections if you honour existing rules and commitments. 

Mercury in your communication sector opposes Neptune Rx and activates the Jupiter/Pluto sextile. Words, details and conversations will be quite misleading. What you hear or say may not be intentionally deceptive, but some details will be left out. Be especially careful if you’re signing documents or making a formal agreement. Nonetheless, there is still great potential to deliver a powerful statement or see new/exciting possibilities regarding what’s next. Again, partnership discussions are where it’s at - your one-on-one discussions can flourish and deepen. Just make sure all the facts are accounted for. 


Mars’ return to your partnership sector can trigger momentum in a relationship that picks up from May 16th. You may feel like you’re returning to old situations, but in reality this is progress. A partner could make a move, step away or push you for a response. Your previous efforts to correct, upgrade or get the work done will be connected to this.  

The Sun in your sector of personal resources hooks into the Jupiter/Pluto sextile, suggesting a lucrative financial opportunity. Changes in your work or personal routine along with expansion at home can increase your confidence and available resources. This is especially beneficial for a home business. 

Venus in your domestic sector activates the Saturn/Uranus trine. Radical changes to your future goals, expressions of authority or current job can trigger a major reevaluation of personal/domestic issues. What you want could abruptly change. Some stability can be found in your daily routines or focus on solutions/obligations - there is an area where your extra work and attention is needed. Approach things slowly and systematically while attending to your responsibilities. 

Mercury in your sector of personal resources opposes Neptune Rx and activates the Jupiter/Pluto sextile. Financial details or discussions about personal values can be blurred by deeper issues of vulnerability or what you share with/owe to someone. A partner’s finances or intimacy issues may be areas where you don’t get the full story, or you’re avoiding looking at the truth. Focus on the necessary transformations in your daily life and allow your deepening awareness of what’s correct/healthy to open your eyes to what you really need. Ideas for a home business or your personal security have a solid basis as long as you deal with the facts. 


Mars’ return to your sector of routine reactivates issues from May 16th. You’ll pick up where you left off regarding a work or health situation with a renewed sense of energy and fresh solutions. Too, a mini crisis or excess work could also be reactivated, but at least you have an idea of what you’re dealing with. This time, you can count on progress. Extra efforts to achieve a desired creative or romantic goal will have led to this (now you’ll have the traction to make it work). 

The Sun in your sign hooks into the Jupiter/Pluto sextile. Watch for a gentle boost of confidence, purpose and the ability to communicate exactly what you need to say, in the perfect way. Your words/ideas will be compelling and optimistic. 

Venus in your communication sector activates the Saturn/Uranus trine. Unexpected news involving travel, education, legal matters or publishing can be exciting, inspirational or unnerving. Innovation will be high, and you may want to take a risk or say something unconventional. Saturn urges you to measure your words and focus on what’s most important - there is an opportunity here if you apply some discipline and restraint. Consider this a calculated risk. 

Mercury in your sign opposes Neptune Rx and activates the Jupiter/Pluto sextile. Conversations with a partner, or your projected anxieties/fantasies, can undermine what you have to say. Too, a partner’s weakness or uncertainty can be upsetting. Be wary of assumptions or unproven promises. When in doubt, focus on what you know has potential for growth (rather than what you’re hoping for or worried about) and use your passion for advancement to fuel your words. Excellent for promoting yourself or having a game-changer discussion with a partner, as long as you can keep your eye on the facts and not get distracted by what might happen. 


Mars’ return to your sector of self-expression reactivates an area of passion or creativity from May 16th. A new attraction, creative project or issue with children/pregnancy will once again be energized and your actions should net some results now. At the very least, you’ll find it easier to fully express yourself, now that you’ve wrapped up domestic issues. 

The Sun in your hidden sector hooks into the Jupiter/Pluto sextile, empowering your instincts or hidden purpose. A background sense of confidence and security can grow. Watch for unexpected sources of income or the growth of a hidden issue. Excellent for healing or attending to private matters. 

Venus in your sector of personal resources activates the Saturn/Uranus trine. A sudden change in income, an unexpected new source of income or a surprising change to what you want can rattle you, especially since the trigger will be something outside your control. Expenses or partnership issues that have not been fully revealed could be themes. This is all part of the change that’s taking place in your domestic life  - a gradual reveal of new responsibilities and a shift in focus. These new responsibilities can ground you regarding what’s most important (and where you money/attention needs to go). 

Mercury in your hidden sector opposes Neptune Rx and activates the Jupiter/Pluto sextile. Information involving work or health can be very unclear, or may be something you’re completely denying. Avoiding the facts will not help you, and you can actually benefit from what’s happening (perhaps a necessary release in your daily life) if you tune into changes at home. Excavations of issues from the past and the acknowledgment of certain endings or metaphorical “deaths” can deepen your instincts. Watch for newly emerging ideas about your personal growth, security and self-esteem. Excellent for working on a home business or upgrading your life from the inside. In some cases, the analysis of family secrets can be beneficial. 


Mars’ return to your domestic sector can stir up activity connected to May 16th. Once again, you’ll be dealing with family conflict, a relocation, home repairs or intensified action around the home. But this time, you can push through and reach a conclusion. If you’ve been attempting to step away from the past, it can happen now. An intensified discussion or efforts to deal with certain information will be the springboard for renewed domestic efforts. 

The Sun in your social sector hooks into the Jupiter/Pluto sextile (including Jupiter in your sign). This is an excellent influence for all social contacts, public announcements or efforts to promote yourself. Your public image will be empowered by your words and honesty, plus you’ll have significant appeal and good timing on your side. 

Venus in your sign activates the Saturn/Uranus trine. Relationship surprises are in store - this could be an expected new attraction or a surprising move by your partner. You may feel uneasy with events beyond your control, but you can use your focused ideas/plans to keep yourself on track. A relationship discussion or plans for the future can still progress. 

Mercury in your social sector opposes Neptune Rx and activates the Jupiter/Pluto sextile. Social contacts, discussions with friends or public announcements can slide off track if you lose sight of the truth or get caught up in the fantasy of what might be. There may be a strong desire to see only what you want to see, but it’s crucial that you focus on what you know. Your words/contacts can still be tremendously empowering  (you can convince others or align yourself with someone who could benefit you) but keep yourself grounded and don’t get caught up in your own press. 


Mars’ return to your communication sector reactivates an argument, tense discussion or topic that you’re passionate about. This will refer back to May 16th (and efforts involving money or self-esteem) but now you can move forward with your ideas, or reach the end of the discussion. 

The Sun in your career sector hooks into the Jupiter/Pluto sextile, suggesting a very positive work opportunity. Improvements, refinements or your attention to the correct thing regarding your professional image can lead to more money or an enhanced sense of security and capability. A new job or improvements in your current position are possible. 

Venus in your hidden sector activates the Saturn/Uranus trine. Ongoing changes involving your daily environment and/or health can reveal a previously hidden issue or alert you to something you didn’t know you wanted. This new wrinkle can make you feel uneasy, especially if something hidden is revealed, but know that your discipline and self-reliance regarding money and emotional security can be stabilizing. Ultimately, this is about your ability to look after yourself by updating your daily routines. 

Mercury in your career sector opposes Neptune Rx and activates the Jupiter/Pluto sextile. A discussion with management, discussion about future goals or a career announcement can be confusing and misleading. You may be distracted by old habits or issues at home. Or, your fantasies/fears about what might happen can blur your perceptions about a current truth. However, careful attention to professional details and aligning your thoughts with ongoing changes to your security base (both financial and emotional) can keep you on track. This is about an honest statement of what you’re capable of as well as an examination of what needs to be improved. Watch for background sources of support. These energies favour an opportunity to increase your earning power or express your personal values via your career. 


Mars’ return to your sector of personal resources activates a financial or self-esteem issue from May 16th. This is your chance to try again regarding the pursuit of what you need. Now, you shouldn’t encounter any delays or blocks and your ambitions can carry you forward. You may also be encouraged to fight for what you need. 

The Sun in your sector of opportunities hooks into the Jupiter/Pluto sextile (including Pluto Rx in your sign). Travel, education, legal matters or publishing are areas where you can advance gradually but significantly. There’s new territory to be explored or something new to learn, and your focus on the future will carry you forward. Watch for support from friends or a public contact. 

Venus in your social sector activates the Saturn/Uranus trine. An unexpected event with friends, group activities or your public image can be unnerving and/or exciting. You may get more attention than you want, meet someone new and intriguing or find that you attract others in odd ways. You may feel rattled, but you can fall back on Saturn in your sign - remind yourself that you have the authority and discipline to deal with this. This is actually an opportunity, but in order to make it work for you, you’ll need to focus on what’s most important and get serious about moving ahead. You may not be able to control everything but you can control your approach to this situation (aim for calm maturity). 

Mercury in your opportunities sector opposes Neptune Rx and activates the Jupiter/Pluto sextile. An announcement, big promise or information involving travel, education, legal matters or publishing may be undercut by inaccuracies or missing details. This could be a result or even an ending, but the terms will be unclear. Use your ability to get to the bottom of things and do some digging - don’t accept an unsatisfying answer. You may not get all the details, but you can make the most of the details you have. If you’re making a statement or submitting something for publication, take into account that some of your words may be misunderstood. Or, you may have to release old ideas that you’ve been clinging to. 


Mars return to your sign reactivates an issue from May 16th. This will involve your efforts to move forward, leave the past behind or initiate something new in the areas of lifestyle, public image or relationships, but now the energy should advance without any slowdowns. Watch for an acceleration and increasing surge of motivation, driven by the buildup or ending of a background issue. 

The Sun in your sector of shared resources hooks into the Jupiter/Pluto sextile, suggesting powerful and positive shifts in the background. Debts, taxes, loans, your partner’s finances or intimacy are areas where you can experience strength and confidence, based on the discovery of deeper resources/connections. This can harmonize with opportunities in your professional life, or an optimistic vision of your future. 

Venus in your career sector activates the Saturn/Uranus trine. Watch for surprising events with a professional relationship or your professional image - there could be something new and unexpected to work with, or an abrupt change of course which will involve you breaking away from past habits or family issues. A sudden relocation or job change are possibilities, but there’s a background source of stability that you can rely on. This will involve a slow but certain ending - something is winding down, and it’s better if you work with the process by voluntarily closing certain doors. 

Mercury in your sector of shared resources opposes Neptune Rx and activates the Jupiter/Pluto sextile. Conversations/information about shared finances or intimacy can be tricky. Some of the details may not be available, or you may get caught up in psychological issues that enable avoidance, paranoia or helplessness. Too, there could be a final conversation with someone close to you where you say goodbye on a deep level. When in doubt, focus on your future and the transformation that you know is happening. Empower yourself by continuing to let go of those old, undermining habits. 


Mars’ return to your hidden sector reinvigorates a hidden or background issue from May 16th. Once again, undeveloped potentials are on the boil - pay attention to a renewed sense of excitement or purpose that is somewhat hard to define. 

The Sun in your partnership sector hooks into the Jupiter/Pluto sextile. A relationship can increase in strength, purpose and benefits as it moves in the right direction. Romantic or social/professional potentials can increase as you and another align your interests in moving forward. 

Venus in your sector of opportunities activates the Saturn/Uranus trine, triggering a surprising announcement, introduction or tempting new development (long-distance romance could be a factor). There may be an increased urge to take a risk or say “Yes” to something unusual. Try to make this a calculated risk by paying attention to social rules and responsibilities - there are certain limits that can help you stay on track. 

Mercury in your partnership sector opposes Neptune Rx in your sign and activates the Jupiter/Pluto sextile. A key relationship discussion can be confusing or disappointing, especially if you’re projecting what you want to hear. Listen to what’s actually being said, and pay attention to any unspoken fears/hopes you may have. If a partner isn’t telling you the whole story, don’t attempt to fill in the blanks. Despite this, information from another can point the way to strong future potentials. All one-on-one conversations can alert you to greater possibilities and help you connect with friends/the public in an influential way.