Horoscopes for January 6th, 2019 to January 13th, 2019



On January 7th, Venus enters optimistic Sagittarius, expanding all matters involving relationships, money, values and self-esteem. This can be a hopeful and indulgent transit. Venus in Sag wants more, attracts more and is ready to seek out new experiences.


On January 8th, Mercury in Capricorn squares Mars in Aries, stirring up contentious or passionate discussions. This is an edgy influence as Mercury in Capricorn’s strict rules are challenged by Mars’ actions or anger. And on January 11th, the Sun conjoins Pluto in Capricorn, casting a light on shadows that ile behind the rules, status or traditions. Here is the reveal of a source of a power or necessary “death” (this will be connected to events from the January 5th New Moon eclipse).

The action continues in Capricorn on January 13th as Mercury moves on from its prickly square to Mars and confronts Saturn. Here we have the absolute verbal commitment, the rules about what must be said (or what can’t be said) and the awareness of reality. The information that’s presented here will be immovable, which can be appealing or not depending on what the Mercury/Mars square stirred up.


Also on January 13th, Jupiter in Sagittarius makes the first of three squares this year to Neptune in Pisces. This is the soap bubble influence - beautiful, buoyant possibilities. Jupiter expands by increasing hopes and opportunities while Neptune expands by dissolving boundaries. But when they form a hard square, there is tension between hope and belief, truth and dreams. This square can introduce a lot but much of it may not be real.

Since the Mercury/Saturn conjunction occurs on the same day, pay attention to what you know rather than what you hope for. Jupiter/Neptune brings great creative potential that can, if handled with caution, manifest into something beautiful.


Venus into your opportunities sector brings new and intriguing possibilities involving long-distance romance, education, travel, legal matters or publishing. There are benefits to exploration. However, Jupiter in this sector square Neptune (the first of three squares this year) can inflate expectations beyond the realms of possibility. A hope may seem fabulous and doable, but check carefully that ideals align with the truth. You could be missing key information or closing your eyes to what you don’t want to consider. There’s potential here, but it must be approached with care. 

Aspects to Mercury in your career sector (including the square to Mars in your sign) suggest an ambitious push to speak your mind or win an argument. You words will have force and authority, and you’ll be focused on the professional essentials. There could be a contract or official document in the works, although Mercury/Mars suggests some initial conflict before the terms are defined. Sun/Pluto in this sector will echo the January 5th eclipse as you focus on an rea of power and influence. 


Venus into your sector of shared resources suggests expansive opportunities involving shared finances or intimacy. There could be a financial gift, increased love between you and another or (in some cases) increased expenses. Venus can sweeten a deep exchange  and increase feelings of trust. However, Jupiter in this sector square Neptune (the first of three squares this year) can see you unwisely pushing past certain boundaries. You may be tempted to expect far more than someone can give, or you may increase your debts. The feeling of increased trust and deep hope can be quite lovely, but make sure you’re fully aware of what you’re opening yourself up to. 

Aspects to Mercury in your opportunities sector can motivate you to learn, search for answers or speak out about an ideal/cause. Your communication or search for the truth will be energetic, although your motivations may not be fully clear. Watch for a confirmation about what you wanted to know, via an official announcement or document. Sun/Pluto in this sector will echo the January 5th eclipse, illuminating transformational truths that redefine your view of justice. What you thought was right may be totally different as the shadow behind the truth is revealed. In some cases, a key legal decision may be featured (with Mercury/Saturn making it official). 


Venus into your partnership sector can introduce a new and exciting love interest, or boost hope and possibilities in an existing relationship. Venus expands attraction, the exchange of love/affection and sociability in all one-on-one connections.  However, Jupiter in this sector square Neptune (the first of three squares this year) can raise certain hopes beyond the realm of possibility. Watch for promises (that a partner gives or that you project) that dissolve. The future of a partnership (business or professional) is dynamic and growing, but you must ensure that both of you are on the same page. 

Aspects to Mercury in your sector of shared resources can trigger volatile discussions about shared finances or intimacy. Revelations or deep realizations may be driven by external sources, and there could be some sensitive arguments. However, there is also the potential to crystallize a financial or emotional commitment, while articulating boundaries. Sun/Pluto in this sector will echo the January 5th eclipse, casting a light on a hidden or denied aspect of power/powerlessness between you and another. An area where you don’t have full control, or where you’re looking to master uncomfortable truths, will be hi-lighted. Excellent for therapy, accessing memories or acknowledging that a “death” that must happen before the upcoming rebirth. 


Venus into your sector of routine can ease matters related to work, obligations and health. Watch for more assistance, more solutions and an overall positive feeling (especially if you’ve been overwhelmed by responsibilities, illness or daily restrictions). However, Jupiter in this sector square Neptune (the first of three squares this year) can see you taking on too much or pushing yourself too far. Enjoy the rush of hope and renewed energy, but measure your hopes against your actual capabilities. If you’re tempted to slack off or overindulge, now is not the time. Relaxation is fine but don’t allow it to snowball into something that undermines you. 

Aspects to Mercury in your partnership sector can trigger arguments or passionate discussions, especially about the future. You may attempt to assert your authority and trample all over any possibility of compromise. Perhaps you’re feeling extra ambitious or impatient. Know that a mutual goal or commitment is approaching, but you’ll have to respect your partner’s words and boundaries- in some cases, a formal commitment may be preceded by some verbal jousting. Sun/Pluto in this sector will echo the January 5th eclipse, illuminating a key area of transformation, or an ending leading to a new beginning in the life of your partner (or in your approach to partnership). In some cases, your partner’s power and influence could be emphasized - consider if you’re projecting power that is rightfully yours. 


Venus into your sector of self-expression can be a celebratory influence, suggesting a new attraction, surge of confidence, desire to indulge or play. Venus can attract good things/good times, but Jupiter in this sector square Neptune (the first of three squares this year) can push indulgence past the bounds of common sense. You may feel like taking a huge risk or diving into an intimate union  - much of this can feel fabulous, but be aware of the inevitable come down on the other side. 

Aspects to Mercury in your sector of routine can trigger disagreements or excessive demands regarding work or health. You may feel pressured to deliver, correct or confirm, perhaps before you’re ready. Diagnoses or essential tasks can demand that you stay sharp. Sun/Pluto in this sector will echo the January 5th eclipse, hi-lighting a key area of transformation in your daily routine or health. A major change (which can involve a necessary purge) may also involve issues of power between you and a co-worker, or you and someone you’re obligated to. 


Venus in your domestic sector can expand your desire to bring more into your home life, increase family harmony or redecorate. Spending on domestic matters can increase, as can precious time alone or with a loved one. Jupiter in this sector square Neptune (the first of three squares this year) can also inflate certain hopes and promises with a domestic partner, or regarding your domestic goals and love life. While there is certainly room for growth, be careful that you don’t project all your dreams onto someone else - consider what you can do for yourself regarding bounty and beauty. 

Aspects to Mercury in your sector of self-expression can trigger bold words or see you speaking out about something/someone you want. Flirtatious conversations can crackle with possibility and creative work is favoured. However, buried motivations or unacknowledged frustrations can push you to say more than you intended, and you will encounter limits on what you can and cannot say. On the plus side, focusing your attention in a productive direction can jump start a writing project or solidify your determination to say what needs to be said while laying down your boundaries. Sun/Pluto adds juice to the above - echoing the January 5th eclipse, Sun/Pluto illuminates an area of power, purpose and talent. Pay attention to a sign that now is the time to get serious about doing something for yourself or putting your talents to work. 


Venus in your communication sector ups your charm, communication skills and ability to deliver a favourable message. Watch for good news, creative ideas, flirtatious conversations or an optimistic boost. However, Jupiter in this sector square Neptune (the first of three squares this year) can push you to promise more than you can deliver. Or, you may end up believing a promise (or seeing only what you want to see) and discovering there’s not much substance behind it. This can be a marvellously creative influence - excellent for writing, selling or putting a magical spin on things. Just make sure the reality of the situation is not ignored. 

Aspects to Mercury in your domestic sector can trigger arguments with a domestic partner or forceful but aggravated family conversations. You may be motivated to lay down the law, but you’ll also confront significant limits in the guise of family responsibilities or authority. In some cases, there could be an official document involving buying, selling or renting. Sun/Pluto in this sector echoes the January 5th eclipse and hi-lights a key issue of transformation at home. A “death” of some aspect from your past, or the excavation of family/childhood issues, may be featured. 


Venus into your sector of personal resources suggests a possible increase in earned money, new sources of income, confidence or the desire to treat yourself. There can also be an increase in spending, which is fine as long as you have the available resources. Jupiter in this sector square Neptune (the first of three squares this year) can boost your self-esteem and desire to indulge even more. Approach with caution- you may lose sight of what you actually have versus what you want (major expenses are a risk). But you can also feel particularly good about yourself, and this is not something to be ignored. Just keep an eye on the urge to overdo it. In some cases, you may find that your core values become overly flexible as you take a risk or dive into something you wouldn’t normally consider. 

Aspects to Mercury in your communication sector can trigger arguments, assertive statements or challenges to your ideas. You may feel pressured to prove your point or deliver a statement with authority. In some cases, your authority may be challenged. This is the time to line up what you know and deliver your ideas with maturity - no maybes, just yes or no. Excellent for setting boundaries or signing official documents (as long as you’re not being pushed into committing to something you don’t want). Sun/Pluto in this sector echoes the January 5th eclipse, drawing your attention to a key conversation or decision that can transform your future.


Venus into your sign gifts you with full-on charm, attraction power and expansive confidence in yourself. This is a major feel-good influence, and Jupiter in your sign square Neptune (the first of three squares this year) can add to the rush. You may feel euphoric, with a sense that the sky’s the limit regarding a new project, hope or future goal. While there is tons of potential, it will also be easy to lose sight of reality and get caught up in inflated hopes. Before you surge ahead, take a step back and consider if you really need to go any further. This influence can make it easy to lose sight of all boundaries which will result in disappointment later. Less is more. 

Aspects to Mercury in your sector of personal resources suggests edgy conversations/realizations about money or self-esteem. You may have to defend yourself or demand compensation. Mercury/Saturn can help you articulate boundaries but will also confront you with absolute realities about what you can spend or demand. Sun/Pluto echoes the January 5th eclipse, spotlighting an issue of financial or emotional change - watch for a deep truth about spending, saving or self-worth. The more you’re prepared to be honest, the more you can purge old habits that have been holding you back. A new source of income or approach to security/values is possible. 


Venus into your hidden sector can expand secret potentials and desires, or it can see you focusing more on something that appeals just to you. Jupiter in this sector square Neptune (the first of three squares this year) can add to the above with unspoken hopes or undefined dreams. There’s great creative potential but much of what emerges will need to be double checked  - unacknowledged expectations can result in disappointment if you don’t clarify exactly what you’re looking for. 

Aspects to Mercury in your sign can fire you up as domestic arguments or frustrations push you to speak out or lay down the law. This could be about you defining your boundaries, delivering your message with authority or committing to a specific responsibility. Along with Sun/Pluto in your sign (which will echo the January 5th eclipse) you should become aware of your own power and ability to push back or make a necessary change. You’ve got all the fuel you need to move forward. 


Venus into your social sector can increase good times with others or expand your desire to connect with the group and make a positive impression. This energy favours attracting positive connections or taking some chances on new attractions/experiences. Jupiter in this sector square Neptune (the first of three squares this year) can expand your public reach while inflating your expectations about what others have to offer. Too, your public image can have a particular shine to it that makes you very appealing. However, be cautious about promises that are not kept and expectations that fall short - you may overdo it or under-deliver, and the result can be a very public disappointment. Be extra cautious if money is involved - watch your boundaries and your reputation. 

Aspects to Mercury in your hidden sector can stir up background frustrations and public arguments based on hidden information. Secrets or unspoken knowledge will become clearly defined, but you may be the only one who knows what’s going on. Sun/Pluto in this sector (which echoes the January 5th eclipse) will illuminate a previously ignored issue/obsession - watch for a shadow to be revealed which will push you to confront some hidden truths. 


Venus into your career sector gifts you with an appealing professional image, a new and intriguing professional connection or improved relationships with those in authority. This is the time to work your professional contacts, but Jupiter in this sector square Neptune in your sign (the first of three squares this year)is a caution to keep tabs on professional growth. On the one hand, there’s potential to go further, move into a new area or pursue a dream job. But you can easily overreach or pin your hopes on something that dissolves. Keep one foot on the ground and double check all your expectations. Also, make sure you don’t undermine your authority with carelessness or a disregard for professional boundaries. 

Aspects to Mercury in your social sector can trigger public arguments (with friends) or edgy social statements/challenges. You may be speaking out or feel pressured to respond, and you’ll also encounter very strict boundaries about what you can and cannot say. In some cases, your public authority or a commitment can be confirmed, but only if you approach this one carefully. Sun/Pluto in this sector echoes the January 5th eclipse, illuminating an area of power or deep change - watch for a glimpse of the shadow behind a public facade or a deeper reservoir of strength that you an access as you deal with others.