YouTube Natal Chart

YouTube was launched on February 14, 2005.   Everything can have a birth date and I find these charts to be just as informative as the natal chart of a person. YouTube has an innovative Aquarius (technology) Sun in exact conjunction to Mercury (communication).  Aquarius also represents the collective which seems fitting considering that YouTube is a medium almost anyone can use.  It also has an exact Neptune (entertainment) and Venus (creativity) conjunction in Aquarius.

Surprisingly, its Moon is in conservative, traditional Taurus which squares its Neptune/Venus conjunction.   So perhaps more controlling and less innovative then it appears.   An example of this is the MIA video "Born Free" which was banned from YouTube due to graphic violence.  Its Moon is also in a wide, comfortable trine to Mars in Capricorn (status quo and authority).   Its North Node (future) is in Aries (breaking new ground).  Again, a contradiction with its conservative roots.

I find the most interesting charts contain lots of tension and YouTube is no exception.  The tension is where the creativity and movement comes from.  Regardless, Aquarius and Taurus are both fixed signs which says something about staying power.  It's become part of our culture and should be around for years to come.