The Pluto Yod: Evolutionary Concentrate

Pluto YodCurrently, we are experiencing a Yod that's been on and off since Feb 17th, 2015. Initially, Jupiter in Leo (inconjuncting Pluto in Capricorn) was the focal point. But as of April 23, 2015, Venus in Gemini inconjuncted Pluto, and sextiled Jupiter, so the focus shifted to Pluto.

This has been a real workout for the Pluto/Jupiter inconjunct, exposing us to both sides. When Jupiter was the focus of the Yod (and Pluto was sextiling planets in Pisces) the energies of transcendence/belief (Pisces) and transformation of structures (Pluto in Capricorn) were funnelled into Jupiter, where they were expanded. Pluto's power was amplified, along with any power struggles. Faith was transformative or fanatical.

Now, with Pluto Rx as the focus (and Jupiter sextiling planets in Gemini) the energies of communication/information (Gemini) and optimistic displays (Jupiter in Leo) are being funnelled into Pluto, where they are contracted and intensified. Jupiter in Leo's big radiance is forced along a dark, narrow path. This is how Pluto encourages evolution; the more intense the experience, the more you evolve. And intensity can't happen unless things are concentrated. The result is a tremendous burst of power that can blast away rigid, outdated rules.

As Mars (June 2nd) and the Sun (June 5th) in Gemini ping the Yod, that power will be fed by what people say, write or decide. Information will be lit up by Jupiter (big promises, bold statements, hopeful ideas, a rush of choices) and then fed into Pluto, where there's potential for truth (Pluto strips away Gemini's witty facade) or a manipulative juggling of the facts. One commenter referred to this Yod as a "cattle chute," and that's an appropriate description.

What's on the other side? It will be a very different country from where you are now, but the result will depend on what initially goes in. Garbage in/garbage out OR a willingness  to deal with Pluto on Pluto's terms.

After June 5th, the Yod will dissipate.

Yods have narrow orbs, so not everyone will feel it. If you have anything from 13 to 17 degrees Capricorn, Cancer, Leo or Gemini, you're probably experiencing it right now.

Jupiter in Virgo's Impact on the Earth Signs

Excerpt from my latest Sasstrology post (please leave comments on the Sasstrology site):

"Last week’s article on Jupiter’s Virgo transit explored its impact on the Mutable signs. This week, we’ll look at how Jupiter in Virgo might impact love for the Earth signs. Jupiter will be trining Taurus and Capricorn, which means that Jupiter’s expansive energy will be delivered smoothly. This influence won’t trigger a major relationship event by itself, but it can make some things easier. And that’s the key word with a Jupiter trine: easy. This energy will be so harmonious that it may just slide by. But if the Earth signs pay attention, they can reap a tangible harvest. Earth is the element most likely to manifest something real, so Jupiter’s promises will be workable and obvious, even if they’re not glamorous."

Painting by George Lance
Painting by George Lance