May 11th, 2019: Work and Play

  • Taurus Sun trine Saturn Rx in Capricorn (20 deg)

  • First Quarter Square between the Leo Moon and Taurus Sun (21 deg)

Sun/Saturn Rx continues yesterday’s Sun/South Node theme of using rules/structures from the past to strengthen the present. Saturn Rx as South Node ruler tells you there are past obligations to attend to. But the harmonious trine allows you integrate what was into what is. Accept the limit/ending and you’ll see that it enhances your purpose.

But then you’re dealing with the First Quarter Square - a crisis between what’s reliable versus what’s bold or celebratory. That Saturn vibe could make you feel a bit stuck, especially when you’re confronted with a situation that calls for you to step into the spotlight (Leo) or really enjoy what you’ve been pouring your energy into. It’s the tension between work and play, studiousness and flamboyance. It may feel inappropriate or egotistical to celebrate, but shouldn’t you be rewarded for your efforts?

The burdens of the past cannot be ignored, but they are also in the past. Once you attend to them and use them to strengthen your current focus, look ahead towards the glow of promise. Don’t be afraid to step up and claim responsibility for the good stuff as well as the heavy stuff. Leo is ruled by the Sun which bring us back to Taurus - take credit for the security and abundance you’ve created. Enjoy the fruits of your labour (Saturn).