Is it possible to feel the influence of a transit/eclipse/Moon before it happens?

Many people feel the full impact of an influence before its exact date.

What is the timeframe for the influence of an eclipse?

Some sources say up to 3 months beforehand. I'll say up to 1 month before, but more likely 1-2 weeks before. Note that this refers to when eclipse events are first triggered. The impact (after the fact) can be felt for months or even years afterwards, depending on what's been activated in your chart.

What is the timeframe for the influence of a New or Full Moon?

See the above paragraph on eclipses, but tighten the timeframe (definitely no more than 2 weeks before). Eclipses are stronger, so events will be triggered further in advance.

What is the timeframe for the influence of a transit?

Transits involving the slower moving planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) can be felt anywhere from 1 day to 1 year (roughly) before they form an exact aspect to your planet/angle. The length of time it's felt in advance will increase according to the slowness of the planet and strength of the aspect. Jupiter is the fastest, Pluto the slowest. Aspects from strongest to weakest are as follows: conjunction/opposition (same strength), square, inconjunct, trine, sextile.

Transits involving the faster moving planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars) are usually felt 1-2 days before they make an exact aspect. The exception is when Mercury, Venus or Mars are retrograde (especially if they move back and forth over a natal planet or angle). You may feel the influence about 1 week beforehand, and the triggering of events can continue for the entire length of the retrograde.

In my experience, separating aspects are not felt. After the aspect is exact, it’s over. However, some astrologers say that you feel the diminishing effects of a transit up to 2 degrees after it’s exact (while separating). This would be more likely for the slower moving planets.

Is it possible to feel nothing from an eclipse, New/Full Moon or transit?

Yes. Your chart may not be triggered by the influence (no natal planets or angles are aspected). But there is still energy to work with. Just because you feel nothing doesn't mean nothing is happening. If you want to make a change, check the natal house being activated by the influence.

What does it mean when the eclipse/transit/New or Full Moon hits my ____ house?

Check this link for a guide to what each house means.

What orbs do you use?

Orbs are not carved in stone. These can be used as general guidelines, but they may be a couple of degrees more or less, depending on the situation and the person experiencing them.

  • Transits to natal planets/angles/Nodes (including New/Full Moons): 3 degrees applying for conjunctions, oppositions, squares and trines. 1-2 degrees applying for sextiles. For eclipses, 4 degrees max applying.

  • Transits to progressed planets/angles/Nodes/asteroids (including New/Full Moons): 2 degrees applying, no matter what the aspect or planet. For eclipses, no more than 3 degrees max.

  • Progressed planets/angles aspecting natal planets/angles/Nodes/asteroids: 2 degrees applying, no matter what the aspect or planet.

  • Natal aspects: 6 degrees for a conjunction, opposition or square , 5 degrees for a trine, 3 degrees for a sextile, 1-2 degrees for an inconjunct. 5 degrees max for any aspect to the Nodes. 2-3 degrees max for any aspect to the asteroids.

  • Synastry and composite aspects: 5 degrees max for a conjunction or opposition, 3-4 degrees max for a square, 3 degrees for a trine, 2 degrees for a sextile and 1-2 degrees for an inconjunct. 5 degrees max for any aspect to the Nodes. 2-3 degrees max for any aspect to the asteroids.

Should I refer to my Sun sign or rising sign when reading the weekly horoscopes?

The weeklies are written using "sunrise charts" and Whole sign houses. The Sun sign is placed in the 1st House (at 0 degrees) and the other signs are placed in order around the chart. For example, the Taurus horoscope chart has 0 degrees Taurus on the Ascendant, Gemini on the cusp of the 2nd House, Cancer on the cusp of the 3rd, and so on. You can read the forecasts for your Sun sign and rising sign, and blend the two interpretations. Some people (especially if they are familiar with their chart) find the horoscope that corresponds to their rising sign is more accurate. These horoscopes are general forecasts only; they give you a sense of the overall "weather" for your sign.